A Guide To Increase YouTube Views!

You might be the owner of a website, but a treasure trove of benefits that you can excel from online advertising is away from you. Youtube advertising is a great technique that can help you access the benefits of YouTube advertisements. You can also create the most effective ads on YouTube with the help of YouTube advertising statistics and correct YouTube video ad specs.

But to increase cheap Youtube views through a sustainable path, you need to respond to every viewer’s comment, design eye-catching thumbnails, maintain relationships with your target audience, create a video playlist, and more.

Also, Youtube is now the world’s second-largest visited website after Google. As per many reports, at least 2 billion people use it every month. Hence, it is very competitive to be among the best Youtube creators. But keep up the spirit!

Whether you are all set to increase views on YouTube or still at the fence, the following tips will help you!

Ensure that you have finely grounded Youtube basics- It is always crucial to have strong fundamentals about the venture you start. For that, the focal YouTube considerations are:

Develop a consistent identity of your channel icon. You can develop that with the help of Youtube channel art and alike platforms.

Be informative and complete the About section. You can avoid it unless you are a break-out YouTuber like Joana Ceddia.

Keep updating your contact information. Your up-to-date contact information will help you get potential customers and brand partners in touch with you.

Understand your Specific Niche- Your specific niche is your ideal audience. All those successful YouTubers do not skip this step of zeroing in on their target audience. If your purpose is to optimize the YouTube marketing strategy, you should be precise and selective about your goals. Nevertheless, your content will do that for you as per your target audience’s consumptions. Remember that your videos are not for everyone.

Invest your time in extensive research to improve your video’s search ranking- Even though YouTube is a social platform, it also is a search engine. So one has to evolve with the strategies like optimizing your videos to get youtube views. That means, when your viewer types in the vicinity of your chosen keywords, you want the ranking of your video at the top of the Youtube search result list.

To apply that, you should be mindful of what your audience is looking for, like:

Inspirational videos

Entertaining videos and


Ranking in search results bags you more views other than your actual subscribers and the people who are already interested in your videos.

Now the question here is, how can we improve our video’s search ranking on YouTube?

Do the research and find what people are already searching out. You can identify by analyzing the search patterns and keywords used in search queries.

After knowing the keywords, try to produce videos on the keyword having a lesser competition or fewer videos.

Use those keywords appropriately in your metadata like video title, description text, tags, and subtitles.

However, to do the above-listed steps, you will want to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. To use this tool, make sure you have a Google Ads account. Secondly, make yourself familiar with the YouTube algorithm.

YouTube Algorithm: It is an AI-based program that not only determines the search results but recommends “what’s up next’’ sidebar as well. But it is crucial to know that if your video has good content, then only your ideal viewer will come back to your channel. You then should not care much about the algorithms.

After your video gets popular, use metadata: If your immediate goal is to take cheap YouTube views, observe the most popular videos of your niche by visiting their video library and clicking on sort by most popular. The use of metadata is to provide an algorithm. The algorithm’s job is to feed viewers with relevant videos to keep them on the platform for as long as possible because that will help generate more ads for YouTube.

Have you ever wondered how Youtube figures out your interest in videos?

Well, YouTube’s algorithm does that for you. The algorithm recommends-

Most liked videos, based on the views, engagements, and watch times.

Videos from the same channel.

Based on the viewing history of a specific person, YouTube may recommend videos.

The YouTube videos have similar or related metadata. You can control the metadata of your video as per your audience.

Avoid using similar metadata. Your audience would not want to watch the same video again until or unless they are not finding a new tangent in your video. Think about how your video can add value to the last video your target audience has just seen so that they will want to click on it again.

Use Custom Thumbnails To Increase your views- Increase your views with thumbnails as they are the decision-makers of what to watch when your potential viewers are in discovery mode. Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid screaming fonts and cluttered information as they make your thumbnails a little loud!

So, the properties one should keep in mind while designing a thumbnail is-

The thumbnails go in tandem with the title of the video.

The thumbnails stand out from the project.

Thumbnails describe the video accurately and clearly. However, if your thumbnails will fail to do that, the algorithm won’t recommend your video further because YouTube will analyze it from the viewer’s watch time.

Before making a thumbnail, closely observe what visuals your niche is using for the thumbnails. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to go with subtle and minimalist visuals. Also, you can go for fully authentic no-filter vibes because it does not hurt your view counts.

Maintain Relationships With Your Viewers- If your end goal is to make a sustainable path to getting more YouTube views, audience engagement becomes a prudent step for you. Maintaining a realistic and organic relationship with your audience helps you achieve your end goal.

Only Ideas to maintain that two-way communication with your audience and fellow creators might include:

Include your fellow creator’s content in your videos with their permission. You will get the same kind of reaction from them as well.

Respond to every comment if possible as it reflects a polite gesture.

You can also make reaction videos.

If you like running a Youtube contest, that would also suffice.

Collaborating with other creators and including their content in your video might help your channel get noticed. Your subscriber count will also increase in this way. The subscriber account shows the organic reach of a channel on YouTube. However, the quality of your videos does not go unnoticed. So, maintain a good quality of your content because that will grab even more subscribers for your channel.

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