Advance SEO-Friendly Tips To Boost Viewership On Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second-largest online platform after Google. It has billions of users, millions of creators, and thousands of business partners across the globe. This makes it a very competitive platform.

YouTube is not only about video-making. It is much more than that. If you are an expert and experienced YouTuber, you better know what it is all about.

Creators with billion-dollar dreams, come to YouTube and showcase their arts, creativity, skills, knowledge, and experience through their video content. They entertain the users, engage them, and create a family in the virtual world.

It seems like a quite easy job, but the reality is different. From scriptwriting and video-making to video-publishing and ranking a video is all a strategic job. It is done professionally by the YouTubers. It needs an understanding of the platform, expertise in skills, and knowledge of your YouTube channel topic.

These days competition has gotten tougher on this online platform. Due to this, creators have been facing a lot of problems to rank their videos higher on the Search Engine Page Result (SERP). They are seeking for the solution, but unfortunately, they are not getting the right guidance and appropriate solutions for it.

If you are one of those creators who are facing the same problems, then you are in the right spot. We have an appropriate solution for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you to rank your YouTube channel and videos on SERP. It is a set of different strategic techniques that boosts your videos’ performance and rank them high to increase visibility.

In this article, we have compiled top advanced SEO-friendly tips that will help you a lot to grow your YouTube channel despite the tough competition. You need to carefully read & learn the below-mentioned tips, practice those, and implement on your channel. So, let’s get started.

Advanced SEO Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Every time when it comes to growing a YouTube channel, experts emphasize on improving the quality of content. They do so because “Content is the King” and content is everything that users love. So, let’s get started with the basic-cum-advanced SEO technique that is “Quality of Content.”

Quality of Content- Content is what you offer to your users in the form of videos. It is your product. The way you seek the quality before buying a product, the same way users seek the quality before clicking your videos to watch or before subscribing to your channel. Therefore, you must offer qualitative video content. Here are some tips following which you can create high-quality interesting and exciting videos.

Produce Unique Content- Whenever you search for a topic to make a video on, make sure you would not copy others’ content as the audience is very smart and they recognize what is copied and what is original content. Of course, if your content will be copied, they will not prefer to watch it. So, produce unique or original content that contains your ideas, arts, and creativity.

Keep the Topic To The Point- Some YouTubers put so much irrelevant content on their videos to make it long and gain more watch time. This trick can work once, but not every time. This only damages the credibility of a YouTube channel. So, whenever you sit to write a video script, make sure you remain around the topic throughout your video. It will attract audiences.

Use High-Quality Editing Software- Editing technology is getting improved day-by-day, and alongside it, the users are also shifting their preferences from low-resolution videos to high definition graphics and high-resolution videos. You need to understand this fact, and should use a high-quality editing software for your videos. If you will search over the internet, you will get hundreds of options for editing software. You can choose your favorite one as per your choices.

Keyword Research- Keyword research is one of the most important parts of advanced SEO. If you want to know how to get views on YouTube and how to rank a video, you need to learn this part. It helps you find out specific keywords that fit best to your videos.

For instance, you make a video on “how to start a YouTube Channel,” then the keywords will be “how to start a YouTube channel, how to create YouTube Channel, how to start a YouTube channel for beginners and many more. You can add these keywords to your video, meta description, and tags. Your video will get ranked on these keywords after a few days, and when someone will search using these keywords, your video will appear on the SERP. Likewise, your channel will get more views and subscriptions.

You will find these types of keywords when you will research. Here are some best ways to search for keywords for your videos.

YouTube Search Bar- This is the easiest and simplest way to search for keywords for your videos. What you need to do is simply type your video’s topic on YouTube search bar. You will get several similar keywords. You can use those in your videos.

Paid Keyword Research Tools- For getting productive results, paid keyword research tools are effective. Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest are the most trusted paid keyword research tools. You can buy their subscription to search unlimited keywords with search volume, keyword difficulty, competition, and cost-per-click-related information.

Google Keyword Planner- This is the best and most effective resource for keyword research as it is Google’s tool. It is free of cost. You can search for unlimited keywords on it. This shows the accurate results for search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC. So, we highly recommend this to you.

Content Optimization- Content optimization is the last point on this list. There are certain ways you can optimize your video content. Those are mentioned below:

Before you get started to optimize your video, remember one thing that you need to optimize it for both your viewers and search engine crawler.

Optimize Title and Thumbnail- These two are the identity of your video. These function like a name & logo. So, optimize it by using an appropriate keyword in title and thumbnail. Make these two attractive so that your users click on your video.

Optimize Meta Description- Most YouTubers ignore the metadata while it is one of the most important parts that play a vital role in the growth of a video. So, when writing the meta description, use appropriate keywords and make full use of word length.

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