Amazing Perks of YouTube Advertising

More than one billion people watch six billion hours of YouTube videos every month, with more than half of these views dependent on mobile devices. It has also evolved into the second-largest search engine behind Google regarding video search.

Video has quickly risen to the top of content marketing, producing the highest conversion rate of any content medium. 90 percent of customers feel that video assists them in making purchasing decisions, and 64 percent say that viewing a video increases their likelihood of making a purchase.

As a result of people being confined to their homes and seeking daily amusement and diversion, it is not surprising that platforms such as YouTube have grown in popularity.

Undoubtedly, consumers enjoy YouTube, but the issue remains: is it worthwhile for businesses to invest in? How to promote YouTube videos? From excellent measuring capabilities to proven effect on purchase choices, let’s examine the primary reasons your business can benefit from YouTube advertising, beginning with its remarkable measuring capabilities.

Large audience reach

With more than 1 billion monthly users and six billion hours of content watched, YouTube reaches more people than any other online video platform. Your business can target your ads to a specific demographic based on gender, age, location, and interests.


YouTube advertising is about three times cheaper than other forms of advertising. Given the large reach, spending money on a low-rated video doesn’t make sense. It is much more cost-effective to invest in an ad for a highly targeted audience that you know is willing and ready to buy from you.


Based on 50 million trials and tens of millions of conversions, YouTube ads have been proven to convert with 70 percent higher conversion rates than display ads. Ads are run with a strong focus on engagement, so they are more likely to be watched multiple times, ultimately leading to a purchase.

Highly targeted

When brands advertise on YouTube, they can target their audience based on gender, age, location, and interests. This enables them to deliver their message to an attentive and receptive audience.

Helps you connect with your audience

YouTube offers valuable insight into your audience. Not only is it used to create better ads, but it also helps you understand what your consumers are looking for. 

YouTube video advertising provides a way to connect with your audience and engage them deeper. It also enables brands to measure their effectiveness and determine their campaigns’ ROIs, which is impossible when measuring other platforms.

The cost of YouTube advertising may seem expensive at first glance, but the potential benefits are very significant. This is why brands should start investing in the platform now.

Advertising metrics are easy to measure

One of the biggest benefits of YouTube advertising is that its digital advertising metrics are easy to measure–and often better than other digital platforms. 

The metric to look at is engagement, measured by view time and watch time, which directly reflects how much a viewer paid attention to an ad. This can be especially essential for businesses that want to gauge their ads’ effectiveness and determine if they should continue running them in the future. VRocket offers YouTube promotion services, don’t forget to check it out!

Highly engaging and shareable content

If your brand creates highly engaging and shareable content, you will be able to reach the right audience that is ready to listen and buy from you. This is why your brand must create videos that are engaging and shareable.

More powerful than any other ad medium

While YouTube advertising may seem similar to other forms of digital marketing, it is more potent than any other ad medium. This lies with the fact that viewers have already been primed with a specific set of interests when they click on the links on their YouTube homepage or at the top of the page. 

They are already interested in purchasing goods related to their interests, so your job is to take them one step further and get them to buy from you. This can be easily accomplished by creating ads explicitly designed for this purpose.

Provides fast results

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, it is possible to measure an ad campaign’s effectiveness. This enables businesses to keep track of how effective their ads are, as well as compare them to those of other brands. They can then adjust their ads and determine what is working and what has not.

Advertising puts you in front of billions.

The fact that YouTube reaches more consumers than any other online video platform means that your business can reach a vast audience. This benefits businesses both big and small, particularly when it comes to growing their customer base or establishing their brand in the minds of consumers.


The most significant benefits of an advertising campaign are the profits generated, which can be measured based on how many sales they make. A positive return can also be attributed to brand recognition and the amount of media exposure.

YouTube advertising is straightforward to measure, and this enables businesses to keep track of how effective their ads are, as well as compare them to those of other brands. They can then adjust their ads and determine what is working and what has not.

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