Beginner To Advanced: An Ultimate Guide To YouTube Video Advertising

There’s no denying the fact that video is taking over the world. Based on the various reports, many marketers admit that video generates good ROI for them. Most of the businesses that do video advertising are affirm to continue it. The fact is, YouTube is the most popular video advertising social media platform, where not just teenagers but people of all age groups visit. It administers more than 3 billion searches per month.

If YouTube were a country, it would be the third-largest populous country after China and India, respectively.

Making a video is not a mere marketing fad. It has become more than that! So, if you still are not utilizing the YouTube video advertising platform for promoting your products, you are missing outreaching your potential customers.

Here’s a guide that will help you understand the presence and everything else right from the beginning to the advanced use of techniques to advertise on YouTube.

First up, Let’s Get Started!

The way a view counts on YouTube Ads is different from other platforms. When a user watches your complete Ad video or passes through the 30 seconds mark, you pay for that one view on YouTube! However, under that threshold, everything is free.

YouTube advertising is not a recent boom. YouTube started working on its video advertising in August 2007 to increase the revenue flow. For taking advantage of this pricing structure, get started with YouTube advertising.

  • YouTube runs its ads through Google Ads. So, create an account on Google Ads and understand targeting and format work methods.
  • Identify your targeting placements and then broaden them. This way based on initial results, you will expand.
  • Know your audience’s interest. There are various models of displaying keywords and in-market lists that help find people. It helps find people who show purchasing behaviors.
  • Understanding the Google Ad platform to achieve the best results is crucial because setting up YouTube Ad campaigns might be tricky for you. However, they are not impossible.

Types Of Advertising Formats:

Being a beginner, if you are unsure about choosing the format, you are not alone! There are three types of youtube ad formats having indigenous benefits and requirements.

These are-

  • Pre-Roll Video Ads– These are the ad videos shown before an actual Youtube video starts. An exquisite fact about them is, you pay for the per click generated, not for the number of views.
  • Bumper Ads: They are the non-skippable around 6 seconds clip that emerges before a regular video. If you are a person who does not fancy making long videos, this format suits you!
  • In-Display Ads: They get to reflect on the right side of the screen when people click on the link. Such a format is beneficial for those who do not want to advertise within the video.

Producing The Perfect Creative For YouTube Ads

The next step after selecting the perfect YouTube ad format is to consider the creative aspect of your video. It is one of the most dominating aspects of your entire ad campaign. Because the basis of any successful YouTube video campaign is to make it enjoyable to watch for people and ensure they cannot overlook it. Additionally, you cannot expect good results from your audience until you are not engaging them in whatever you are saying.

Steps to nail the creativity of your video ad-

  • Design a subtle thumbnail that would fit your video.
  • Try replicating the cinematography, language, and personality of your niche. As that helps you tailor it to what the audience wants.
  • Make sure your initial 5-8 seconds are engaging. Those initial seconds are going to decide whether your video is going to get skipped or liked.
  • Do not overwhelm your audience by projecting various topics, concise your area to a particular subject at one time.

The Key Metrics for tracking youtube ad campaigns

To track how your campaigns are running, it’s crucial to understand the tactical initiatives of the dashboard. YouTube recommends advertisers to link their ad campaigns to the Google ads account to avail more features that would show you more insights.

However, for a beginner, the insights might overwhelm a little. So, here are the key metrics that need your tracking-

  • Impressions
  • Views
  • View rate
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Earned actions
  • Cost-per-view (CPV)

How to improve Youtube Ad view rate?

Sometimes our campaigns do not perform well. One thing that you can do at that time is to either buy real youtube subscribers. Also, increase the volume of people who are already watching your youtube ad campaign passing the 30-second mark.

Think About it!

When you are buying the subscriber or engaging the already subscribed people, you have to ensure that they are viewing your videos. Make sure your videos have them hooked. And various reports suggest that already engaged subscribers or customers can potentially boost the ROI for your entire video ad campaign.

However, use the following tips to improve your ad-

  • Give a try to alpha-beta custom affinity audiences
  • Campaign level settings
  • Trimming fat
  • Management placements

Know the advanced targeting techniques to improve youtube ads.

In advanced targeting techniques, you get mindful about how to improve the ad rate. You can enhance your ad rates by positioning your ad campaigns in front of the right audience. Not everyone is going to pass the 30-second mark. Only the interested ones will do that. Hence, you get aware of advanced targeting techniques such as,

  • Custom affinity audience
  • Behavior-based re-targeting
  • Ninja placements

Does Youtube advertising work?

A question on every marketer’s lips! Because marketers want to make everything out of their investment.

As per many reports, ads help to find your channel more through an organic search. When you run ads, primarily focusing on increasing the subscribers, people get notified of the new content. That further helps build the initial views of the first 24 hours and thereby pushes the video to the top ranks.

Fact check- Top-grossing ads campaign on Youtube has generated around 536 million views alone! Also, these videos have got 14 hours of viewing time and 3.6 million overall likes.

The Power of Youtube Advertising!

Youtube video advertising has the power to metamorphose video marketing strategies. No wonder why people are choosing youtube video advertisements as their marketing plan. Meanwhile, keep up the quality, and ad rates improve to ensure more and more people stick with your channel.

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