How to Complete 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers Fastly On Your YouTube Channel?

Since February 2018, YouTube has been following a more strict channel monetization policy for creators. According to this policy, a YouTube channel needs to complete at least 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers within 12 months. It is mandatory to become eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) or channel monetization. In any case, if you apply for YouTube channel monetization without completing these two mandatory requirements, YouTube will reject your request. And once YouTube rejects your request for monetization for any reason, you will have to wait for at least 30 days to reapply for monetization. Earlier, there were no limits for applying for monetization, but these days there are certain limitations. You get only two chances for applying for channel monetization. So, you must make sure your YouTube channel fulfills all the eligibility requirements for channel monetization.

In this post, we have comprehensively explained how a YouTube channel can fulfill all the eligibility requirements for channel monetization, how to increase views on YouTube, how to gain more quality subscriptions, and how to earn more from a YouTube channel. As a YouTuber, if you are struggling to gain more views and subscribers, then you are in the right place. You will learn some very useful tips and tricks in this comprehensive guide.

How to Complete 4000 Hours Watchtime Fastly?

Create High-Quality Content

Numerically, completing 4000 hours of watch time sounds like a quite difficult job, but it is not that difficult job if you have qualitative content on your YouTube channel. As a YouTuber, you know better that people love to watch qualitative and unique content on YouTube. They love to repeatedly watch qualitative content. So, the first thing you need to do is- offer high-quality unique informational, educational, or entertaining content to the audience. The more qualitative your content will be, the more people watch your YouTube videos, and the more hours watch time you will get on your channel.

Create More Videos

The second thing you need to do is- create more qualitative videos. The more videos you will publish on your channel, the more views or watch time you will get on your channel. This is the best way you can increase your watch time on your channel. Make a weekly schedule and try to publish at least 3-5 videos per week. It will definitely work for you. 4000 hours is equal to 2,40,000 minutes, and you can achieve this milestone on YouTube within a few months if you follow this trick.

Make Your Videos More Visible

This point is very important. For making your YouTube videos more visible to your audience, you need to follow certain strategies. Search engine optimization can help you with this. It is a strategic process of promoting content over the internet and making it more visible. On YouTube, SEO is all about title framing, thumbnail making, descriptions, meta tags, and keyword research. If you want more and more people to watch your videos, you need to strategically write your YouTube video titles, descriptions, and add meta tags based on keyword research. Apart from these, create catchy and attractive thumbnails so that people get attracted to your videos.

So, these three must be on your focus. Believe me, you will definitely complete 4000 hours watch time within 3-4 months.

How to Complete 1000 Subscribers?

You can easily learn about how to increase views on YouTube and how to complete a 4000 hour watch time within a few months. Now, let’s learn about the tactics to complete 1000 subscribers within a few months.

Unlike completing 4000 hours watch time, numerically, completing 1000 subscribers seems like an easy, but it is not that easy as you think. It’s a bit tough job as users will not subscribe to a channel until they find the content very interesting, entertaining, and informational. This means you must have high-quality unique content on your YouTube channel otherwise there are very less chances that users will subscribe to your channel. So, make sure you offer high-quality content to your viewers.

Appeal Viewers to Subscribe Your Channel

People often ask how to increase subscribers, we tell them to first learn how to increase views on YouTube as subscribers will automatically come with views. Appealing or requesting viewers to subscribe to your channel is important. You can request your viewers to subscribe either at the beginning, middle, or end of the videos. Make sure you request gently. Don’t show that you need subscriptions very badly. It all means don’t cry subscriptions, just appeal either gently or funnily. Viewers will love this and subscribe to your channel.

Use the Powerful YouTube Subscribe Button

When you look at YouTube’s subscribe button, you can easily feel its power. So, use the YouTube subscribe button in your YouTube videos and attract thousands of viewers to click the subscription button.

Engage the Viewers Through Content

Engagement of viewers to content plays a vital role in the development of a YouTube channel. So, make sure you produce high-quality engaging content on your channel. You can be frank with viewers on your videos, reveal some interesting stories about your personal life, connect them with different emotions, and do so many other things to engage viewers to your content.

These are some tips and tricks you must follow to complete all the eligibility requirements for channel monetization. Once you complete these requirements, you will be able to run ads on your videos and earn from them. However, there are more things you need to consider. Apart from competing for 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers within 12 months, your channel must comply with the YouTube community guidelines and follow all the mandatory instructions.

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