In-depth Guide to Advertising On YouTube With Experts

Many YouTube creators have the misconception that their video content is so good that they don’t need to go for YouTube advertising. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain satisfactory results from your video without running ad campaigns. Unless you have a huge social fan following, posting any new video content on YouTube and Facebook might get a few thousand views. But if you wish to increase youtube subscribers, you have to run a video ad to be seen by many.

YouTube Ad Campaigns are made and run through Google Analytics using GoogleAdWords. It is different from traditional paid search and display advertising. Targeting the right audience and creating amazing video content are essential components while advertising on YouTube. You need to understand the options and specifications your video needs to fulfill. Don’t worry, as we have been sharing all the essential information you need to know to start advertising on YouTube.

Why Should You Choose YouTube Advertising?

YouTube advertising is a pocket-friendly alternative to television ads. It is a new entertainment video source for users. YouTube viewership has skyrocketed in the past few years. Every day, viewers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos in a day. This makes YouTube more accessible than conventional television ads.

Many studies show that people who watch complete YouTube ads are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a channel, share a brand video, or watch more by the brand. On the other hand, those who don’t watch complete videos are 10 times more likely to do one thing, as mentioned earlier.

Add high-level targeting, and you will have a powerful advertising platform. With YouTube advertising, you can be sure that your video ads are seen by the right people who could be your potential audience and at the right time.

How Does YouTube Advertising Work?

There are several advertising options on YouTube, such as TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads. You can also run display ads, overlay ads, and sponsored cards on YouTube. These ads are extensions of the display network.
Let’s discuss how each type of YouTube video ad works!

TrueView In-Stream Ads: When someone talks about YouTube advertising, they think of TrueView in-stream ads. These ads pop up before the video you have clicked to watch. In most cases, viewers have to watch these ads for 5 seconds, and they are provided with the skip option so that they can skip the rest of the ad. If you set them up straight away in your YouTube video, you can create end screens. This will motivate viewers to do something specific, like clicking on your website link and others. Otherwise, you can also add CTA that YouTube will display after every 15 seconds of your video.

TrueView Video Discovery Ads (Previously Named In-Display Ads): These ads aren’t as popular as in-stream ads, but they are still pretty common. If you have ever searched for a video on YouTube, you might have seen video discovery ads at the top of your search results. Video discovery ads also display in the right-hand video side-bar.
Video discovery ads are mainly beneficial if you try to promote a video longer than 15-60 seconds. Even if your audience is interested in your content, they won’t wait for more than 5 minutes to respond to your in-stream video ad. However, if they click on your ad after seeing it on the right-hand video bar or in the search results, this means they are interested in your video. So, you can say that they will be more likely to watch even a fairly long video ad.

Bumper Ads: These ads are completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Bumper ads are short, not more than 6 seconds. These are non-skippable ads that are mainly used to build and strengthen brand awareness. These types of ads are not commonly used. In this ad type, you pay for every view. It makes more sense that most advertisers would want to run a longer video. It will have a better chance of making clicks and new business. Therefore, you can say that bumper ads can be a great way to be familiar with your business or support a great video marketing campaign.


It can be concluded that YouTube advertising is an incredible way to promote your videos among relevant, engaged audiences. Yes, video content takes more work, but there are so many good reasons why most marketers prefer more to create video content. No matter how good your video content is, though, if no one sees it, it won’t be helping your business. However, with proper guidance, you should launch a well-targeted, successful YouTube advertising campaign!

Take expert help for creating and setting up ad campaigns for your YouTube videos. They will create ads with minimal amount without breaking your bank. Just listen to them and keep following their guidelines. You can witness the status and success of your ad campaigns through the dashboard.

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