“Pinch-To-Zoom” A New Roll Out By YouTube!

We all know that YouTube is a fantastic platform that allows its users to help viewers find questions and answers or to show their talent. But you need to create useful videos by learning tips, tricks, and strategies to get subscribers on YouTube. This year YouTube rolled out many new updates that have helped its millions of users.

The new buttons, dark mode, precise seeking, and ambient mode have been rolled out earlier for Android and iOS handsets. Now, YouTube is expanding on that with the introduction of the pinch-to-zoom feature! This upgrade made viewing easier. This blog is more like a guide in which we will discuss all new updates and Pinch-To-Zoom updates as follows:

Pinch-To-Zoom on YouTube

iOS and Android users may zoom in on videos on YouTube using the new pinch-to-zoom function. This will help them see additional information. In August, Premium members got access to this functionality as a test. YouTube says the feature is available on any device that supports 360-degree or 3D playback. 

The release of the Pinch-to-Zoom update coincides with YouTube’s rollout of content in 4K resolution and HDR. To use pinch-to-zoom, open a video in full-screen mode and pinch 2 fingers together or apart. With this feature, you can pinch to zoom in as well as zoom out.

Precise Seeking

This is another amazing feature of YouTube. You can now use the time bar below a video to seek any point within a video. Previously, iOS and Android users had to watch entire videos unless they knew the exact timestamp of the portion they wanted to view. Now with this feature, you can seek 30 seconds backward or forward. This is one of our favorite new YouTube updates.

The Dark Mode

Dark mode helps reduce the effectiveness of blue light after nightfall which aids sleep so you can enjoy YouTube for long hours without straining your eyes. You can turn it on in settings or tap the overflow menu and the dark icon at the top of your screen. Before, it was only available for Android phones, and now it is available for iOS handsets too!

Ambient Mode 

YouTube has also introduced a brand-new ambient mode, accessible to users in dark mode on the web and mobile devices.” Ambient mode creates a subtle effect so that the app’s background color changes to complement the video via dynamic color sampling.

Nate Koechley, UX Director at YouTube, says, “We were inspired by the light that screens cast out in a darkened room and wanted to mimic the look, so viewers were attracted directly into the content, and the video takes an even bigger focus on our watch page.

New Buttons

The visual changes like new buttons are added, which you will see on YouTube. These buttons are designed so that users can navigate easily and be removed from the video screen so they can focus on video content without any distractions. In addition, the “SUBSCRIBE” button has been changed from bright red to a black and white pill-shaped button.

Not only this, but these improvements and updates are unlikely to reduce the impact of the most recent price increase for YouTube’s family-friendly Premium subscription plan. In November, the price will rise to $22.99 per month. You can learn how to get ads on YouTube. In the upcoming time, you will also see many new amazing updates that will help you to access YouTube more conveniently and effectively.

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