Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has become the home to online videos for both the marketing professionals as well as regular users. Though individuals are using it just for gaining popularity or fun, on the other hand, it has become essential for businesses and their marketing teams to promote their goods or services. They also use this channel to seek more visibility for their YouTube videos and gain more potential customers.

If you have your own personal or business channel on YouTube and you wish to promote YouTube video, here are some proven tactics to create a content that is not only as per Google’s norms but also doubles your subscribers.

Create Captivating Video Titles: Creating compelling titles is important from the customers’ point of view. It is useless if no one clicks your video irrespective of the fact that how good your video looks. That’s why you must optimize your video titles so that more and more viewers click it. Make sure you:

· Find the right keywords
· Keep the title short
· Create clear and descriptive titles
· Tell readers why they need to watch the video
You can use this formula to create a good title:
· Recognize a central idea of your video
· Look for short and descriptive keyword phrases related to your video theme
· Create titles that answer the most of the question of viewers

All these suggestions would definitely help you to come out with a great title for your YouTube videos.

Create Effective YouTube Thumbnails: Perfect thumbnails ensure users click right away, making your YouTube channel more noticeable. Thumbnails should be appropriate and match well with the video content and title. Include relevant images and short descriptions and in your thumbnails so that viewers can easily understand what your video is all about. You can tell a story by making the best use of thumbnails. Engage them so much so that they are forced to watch your complete video to find out what is going to be the next. Ideally, your title and thumbnail have the potential to tell a complementary story together if you use it wisely.

Get The Most Out Of Your Videos: Limit the total watch time under 5 minutes so that you can get what you want to achieve through these videos. If you create long videos, it is not going to help you. You must have something interesting so that people will have a reason to show interest in your video. Here are a few tips you should follow:

· Create high-quality content in your videos
· Optimize them to be under 5 minutes
· Make them attention-grabbing, informative, and short

Promote Your YouTube Channel: Branding your YouTube channel or video is the next thing you should do so that it gains more visitors. If you have a new channel or you have created a new video and you wish to advertise it to gain more viewers, then YouTube ads are a great way to reach your goals quickly. It gives maximum exposure to your videos through ads and helps you increase brand awareness and spend more time with your audience.

Use Your Company Logo For Your Youtube Channel: If you are an independent VLogger, you can use your headshot. To make sure people find you, add titles and descriptions to your videos. You can also include website links and social media profile links on the top of the banner image.

Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs): Adding calls to action to your videos is essential as you can make your audience engage with you through CTAs and reach directly to your channel or website. Using CTAs in a wrong way can also create a negative effect as these can also be irritating. To get more likes or subscribers to your videos, be clear and concise about key actions people need to take. You can add your website link or even ask them to subscribe to your channel at the end or within the video to help people understand the next step.

Collaborate with Other Channels: Working with other Youtubers and collaborating with them is a great way to increase your audience base. Collaborative videos are gaining popularity among content creators. It is a good way to find a new audience and grow your subscriber base. It can also serve as a win/win situation for you, your partner, and your target audience.

Wrapping up

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you have to keep experimenting and learning what works best for you. Stay true to your company and keep monitoring the changes. Find out how these changes are influencing your audience’s behavior.

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