Top Trendy Categories and Niches to Start Your YouTube Channel In 2021

Are you planning to start your new YouTube channel in 2021? If yes, you made an interesting decision. But, the journey of becoming a YouTuber is not a cakewalk. It is a very tough challenge because the competition over YouTube is very high.

Every day, millions of creators publish their high-quality videos on their channels. If you want to successfully flourish as a YouTuber in 2021, you will have to beat the quality and standard of those videos. And to beat that, you first need to select a perfect niche of your interest. You will also have to make sure that the niche you are going to select is a trendy topic over YouTube.

If you search on the internet, you will find that the internet is flooded with thousands of niches, and so selecting the perfect one out of those niches is a bit of a challenging job. Well, if you are facing difficulties in selecting a perfect niche for your new YouTube channel, this guide is for you. In this guide, we have compiled the top interesting and trendy niches and categories that you can select for starting your new YouTube channel. Let’s explore what those interesting niches and categories are.


Vlogging (Video-Blogging)

Vlogging is an incredibly booming category over YouTube. It is liked by people all over the world. However, it is a good category only for those who are already well-known personalities over social media and have thousands of YouTube subscribers and views on their channels. Also, if someone wants to record and share its unique and interesting daily activities, it is a good option for him/her.

For example, suppose you are an adventurer who performs different adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, camping, and sailing. You better know that adventure is a very interesting and breathtaking topic, and people madly love this. If you make video blogs of your adventurous activities and publish them on your new YouTube channel, you will definitely boom over YouTube in no time.

So, you can choose a vlogging category if you have interesting talks, games, activities to share with the audiences.


Roasting is another booming category over YouTube. If you are good at observing things/people very closely, making fun of silly acts, and criticizing people bluntly, this could be a good option for you. However, while selecting this category, one thing you need to understand is that if you cross the limits to disrespect someone from your roasting videos, it can cause suspension of your channel or legal action against you.

Live Streaming

Recently, live streaming over YouTube has become immensely popular. With this, you can share your real-time moments with your audiences. If you are good at speaking, facing the camera without any break, and actively interacting with your live audiences, this could be an interesting option for you. However, these days every YouTuber can do live streaming of their videos.



Beauty is an evergreen niche to start a new YouTube channel. It is a good niche especially for young and inspiring females who have deep knowledge and understanding of how to take care of their skin and the whole body. Also, the knowledge and understanding of using different cosmetic products and tools are crucial. If you think you are good at all these things, you can select this niche.


Today, fitness is a much more crucial topic than earlier as people are very conscious of their fitness. They want to look fit and healthy, and so they love to watch fitness-related videos on YouTube. So, if you are good at gyming, physical exercises, and diet plans, you can choose this niche. It will certainly be a good choice for you.


The technology niche is very competitive, yet it is a good niche to start your new YouTube channel in 2021 because technology is rapidly growing day-by-day. But yes, to start a technology-related YouTube channel, you must be good at it.

Furthermore, there are many different niches within the technology niche. So, if you choose this niche, you will have to be specific. You will have to choose a particular type of technology such as gadgets, digital media, and website-making.

Unboxing Products

This is another exciting niche, recently got popularized on YouTube. If you think you have nothing interesting to share with the audiences, you can start your new YouTube channel on this niche. Yes, you will have to invest some money to buy products. But, once your channel will get popular on YouTube, it will pay you back.

So, if you have enough budget and you are ready to invest some amount of money, it can be a good option for you.

Arts & Crafts

If you are good at making beautiful arts and crafts using different materials and tools, then the arts & crafts niche could be a great choice for you. It is something you can enjoy while making and satisfy your audiences with it.

Music Videos

If you search for the most viewed videos on YouTube, you will find that the top ones are music videos. It is also an evergreen niche. So, choosing this niche could be a great option for you. However, to choose this, you must be good at singing.

These are some exciting and trendy categories and niches you can choose to start your new YouTube channel in 2021. Apart from this, there are thousands of different niches you can choose from. Just make sure your selected niche is trendy and of your interest.

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