Top Two Things to Determine for Advertising YouTube Channel With Google Ads

Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to reach a massive target audience for the purpose of promotion. It is the way to introduce and promote the products and services to a huge audience. In the internet world, the same applies. However, there are dozens of mind-blowing free ways to promote your online presence in a profitable way but you know better than paid promotions always give quicker results than unpaid promotional ways. 

So, here we will discuss five significant points that are essential to advertise youtube channel with google ads. Here you will find a complete updated guide. 

Advertise YouTube Channel With Google Ads

Under-five significant points, we will cover all the essential information relevant to youtube advertising with Google ads. These all will give you comprehensive knowledge that will further aid you to advertise your youtube channel to reach a massive target audience as well as promote your videos. 

Google ads are the most powerful ways to advertise your channel as they have access to billions of people around the world. The top two internet tycoons are Google products including Google search engine and Youtube respectively. Thus, they have a great reach to a massive audience and have a large database of their audience which they use to grow their business. Google has categorized the audience as per their interests, locality, educational status, age, and purchasing capacity. And further, they use this data to help advertisers to reach their desired audience. 

With Google Ads, you can easily advertise youtube channels and rapidly increase your viewership as well as subscriptions within a month or a few more days but the condition is that you must appropriately execute your youtube advertisements. Your channel ads will run on youtube itself. Before advertising, you must prepare your strategies like what kind of ad campaigns you want to run on youtube and what should be your target audience?   

You will have to pay certain Google ads charges for running ad campaigns for your channel. Its charges are variable. It is approximately 0.10 USD to 0.30 USD cost per impression or cost per action. If you want to start advertising with Google ads, there is no minimum cost to start with. Thus, it is great as you can start even with the lowest cost that means 0.1 USD. You can anytime start running your channel ad campaigns by having a google AdSense account as well as can also anytime stop running your ad campaigns whenever you desire. So, set your budget and target your audience to let your channel reach the heights.

Determine Your Target Audience 

Before advertising, you must determine your target audience so that you can get the ultimate output. For that, there are four major targeting options including Who, What, Where, and When. These all should be clear in your mind. Let’s understand the whole scenario with an example of a sports youtube channel. 

Suppose, you run a sports-based youtube channel in India and you do not have enough viewership and subscriptions in your channel and thus you want to run your channel ad campaigns. So, the following will be your target audience.

Who- Who refers to interests, language, demographics, and age. So, here your target audience will be all ages of people (18 above), the people who are interested in sports, the people who love to watch sports-based videos, the people who know how to speak Hindi, and the people who belong to India.

What- What refers to the relevant topics to your niche. Here you will target those people who are interested in different sports like soccer, cricket, badminton, tennis, rugby, hockey, and others. Here you can also opt to run your ads on sports-based youtube channels that will certainly send huge traffic to your channel. 

Where- Where refers to the locality you want to choose. So, here you will choose either India as a whole or a different territory of India. It depends on you what territories you want to target.

When- When refers to timings or a certain period. So, here you will choose how often your ad will be shown on youtube. You can choose as per your budget. 

Ads Formatting

You get various ad formats on google ads. You can make the most of those formats by using them appropriately. There are three major ad formats with different features. You can use them to advertise the youtube channel. Those youtube ads include TrueView In-Stream, TrueView Discovery, and Bumper Ads. These ads formats are amazing for different purposes. 

TrueView Ads In-Stream- These ads can be run before, mid, and at the end of youtube videos whenever you want. Here you pay for those viewers who interact with your ads for more than 30 seconds or whole your ads if it is shorter than 30 seconds ads. It is a skippable ad. 

TrueView Discovery- These ads are best for reaching your audience quickly. Here you pay when a viewer takes any action on your ads like clicking and watching your ads. 

Bumper Ads- These ads are shorter ads. It is approximately six seconds ads in which you can amazingly highlight your youtube brand. Here you have to pay per CPM. 

Additionally, these ads have a few interactive elements that are great for engaging your audience. You can use those elements to advertise youtube channel for better output. Those include call-to-action overlay, card, end screen, and companion banner.

So, every single element consisting of targeting the audience and choosing an effective ad format for your channel promotion are very essential. These elements can help you with letting your channel grow on youtube. So, whenever you step up to advertise your youtube channel, ensure the perfect execution of these two things so that you can get the amazing output. 




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