Using Ads To Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel and you are looking for results on how to promote my YouTube channel, then this blog could help you get an idea of the same. An effective advertising strategy could help you effectively growing your YouTube channel. In addition to building your channel organically, advertising on YouTube is another great way through which you can reach and engage more viewers. Let’s find out how YouTube ads work.

PROMOTE YOUR CHANNEL WITH GOOGLE ADS: To drive more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel, you can invest in running an ad campaign for your videos on YouTube through Google Ads. You can create an ad that can appear before any video starts, or alongside a video on YouTube. All you need to do is to create an ad, set your budget, and your target audience. There is no such minimum amount to run an ad. You can change your ads, target audience, and even budgets at any time. You can also stop your campaign whenever you want.

SELECTING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Before you initiate your YouTube ad campaign, you must first define your target audience whom you want your ads to reach. There are four main spheres of targeting options:

WHO: When it comes to choosing the audience, try to choose your niche audiences depending on demographics, language, and interests.

WHAT: It can help you select the topics that are relevant to your channel. Use contextual targeting to reach viewers who are searching for content related to your niche. Or you select the channel wisely to put your ads and on which you want them to be shown.

 WHERE: Describe the location of your target audience like —country, region, city, or postal code. You can also define a custom location by place of interest or range.

WHEN: Choose how often you want your ads to be shown and on which devices. If you have budget restrictions, you can pace the distribution of your ads all through the day.

MAKE THE MOST OF AD FORMATS: For your ad campaign, you can choose specific ad formats that have been made specifically for YouTube. These ad formats and collaborative fundamentals give you a range of methods to encourage viewers to take further interest in your content.

TrueView In-Stream: This ad instantly plunges viewers into your content. After 5 seconds, a viewer can keep watching or skip it. You just have to pay if a viewer watches your ad for 30 seconds or interacts with your ad in any way. This is the best ad format to use when you want your video ad to appear before, after, or during other videos on YouTube.

TrueView Discovery: This ad appears right after related YouTube videos, on YouTube search results, or on the YouTube desktop and mobile homepage. You have to pay when a viewer clicks your ad and starts watching your video. You can use this ad format to reach people in moments of discovery when they are searching or browsing videos.

Bumper Ads: This ad runs for just 6 seconds or shorter. It is played before, during, or after another video. Viewers cannot skip the ad. You will have to pay per CPM (each time your ad is shown 1,000 times). This is the best format to choose when you wish to reach viewers largely with a short, striking message.

You can add interactive elements to your video ads to have a great impact and deep engagement. Choose the options that best support your campaign objectives.

Call-To-Action Overlay: It appears as soon as the video starts playing and can be closed by viewers. If viewers click, they are redirected to the website you define or related YouTube channel.

Card: It is showed as a teaser for a few seconds.

Companion Banner: It goes together with a TrueView In-Stream ad as a clickable thumbnail. It can direct viewers to take a suitable action like “Watch more” or “Subscribe.”

 End Screen: It appears at the end of your video for a few seconds. This element can be expanded to tell more information when viewers tap on mobile or hover on the desktop.

CREATE ADS THAT ACTUALLY WORK: There is no true formula to make a perfect video ad, but there are some recommendations from YouTube ads experts that could help you deliver maximum impact.

  •          Tell your story.
  •          Make the first 5 seconds count.
  •          Show it in many ways.
  •          Drive interactions.
  •          Leverage your best content.
  •          Provide clear next steps.
  •          Give viewers time to act.
  •          Write a friendly title.

UNDERSTAND YOUR RESULTS AND OPTIMIZE YOUR CAMPAIGNS: Once your ads are live, monitor them for their performance. Some of the metrics existing in the Google Ads platform:

Impression: Calculated each time your ad is served.

Views: When a viewer watches 30 seconds of a TrueView ad or interacts with your ad.

View rate: This tells about the percentage of viewers who chosen to watch or interact with your video ad.

Average CPV: Average amount you have to pay each time when someone views your ad.

Earned views: When somebody views your ad and then watches another video on your YouTube channel within 7 days.

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