11 Ways to Get Quality Subscribers Quickly On YouTube

Quality YouTube subscribers mean a lot for every YouTube video creator. They are the permanent audience of a YouTube channel. As a YouTuber, if you have a huge number of subscribers on your channel, then your channel will grow quickly.

Here in this article, you will learn 11 effective ways on how to get YouTube subscribers quickly. These are tried and tested ways that lead to getting millions of YouTube subscribers quickly. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned strategies and make sure you follow these for the quick growth of your channel.

Use YouTube Power Playlist

YouTube power playlist is like a music playlist but has some significant differences. It shows the videos based on outcomes, not topics like a common playlist. Therefore, it is different, powerful, and more effective than a common playlist. It helps a YouTube channel to promote its playlist’s videos by recommending them to audiences. if someone watches a specific playlist video of your channel, the power playlist will automatically recommend him/her other playlist’s videos of your channel. Likewise, your channel will get more views and more qualitative subscribers quickly. So, you must create a power playlist on your channel, you will certainly get millions of YouTube subscribers quickly.

Create & Publish Long Videos

Creating lengthy videos sounds like a conventional method, but it is an effective way to gain more views and subscribers. According to experts like Brian Dean and Nail Patel, long videos rank higher on the first page of search results of a search engine. It is a tested way to increase both views and subscribers. So, you can try to make & public long videos on specific topics that are really very interesting and unique. Make sure you don’t create irrelevant and boring videos as nobody will watch them for more than a minute.

Use Powerful Call-to-Action Features

YouTube’s call-to-action features are very powerful to drive quality traffic and subscribers to a channel. It includes End Screens and YouTube Cards. End Screen generally used at the end of a video while YouTube cards can be found through clicking the “I” button on a video. Both are different but both have the same purpose. They promote other videos of your channel in a specific video. So, learn and use these powerful call-to-action features and grow your channel extraordinarily.

Use YouTube Subscribe Button In Your Videos

A YouTube subscribe button in your videos is maybe the most powerful and effective way to get more views and subscriptions. Many YouTubers have tested this way and they got incredible results. So, when you edit videos, add a YouTube subscribe button on the bottom right corner of your video. You can also place it somewhere else wherever you prefer on your videos. Most YouTubers prefer to place the subscribe button in place of their YouTube brand’s name. You can also do so for getting better results.

Make Qualitative Video Not Quantitative

New YouTubers generally make this mistake. They focus on quantity instead of quality to make their channel full of content. And this mistake leads a YouTube channel to go down. As a YouTuber, you will have to understand that quality matters more than quantity in content for YouTube. So, produce high-quality informational and engaging videos.

Reply to Comments

For an established YouTuber, it is very difficult to reply to every comment, but as a fresher on YouTube, it is not that tough. You usually get a maximum of 1000 comments on your videos and you can reply to those comments easily. So, try to reply to every comment on your every video, you will surely get some exciting results.

Write Search Engine Optimized Descriptions

Most YouTubers take this very leniently. They write random descriptions. Consequently, their videos don’t reach their potential audience. So, writing search engine optimized video descriptions is a must. You should add some relevant and video content specific keywords and information into video descriptions. It will help your videos to be more visible and attract more viewers and subscribers.

Create an Awesome Channel Icon and Tagline

A channel icon and a tagline is an identity of a YouTube channel. These two leave a long-lasting impression on the audiences. So, you must have an awesome channel icon and a tagline that reflects your YouTube channel idea. Use high-tech editing software or mobile applications to create an awesome channel icon and tagline. You can also use your picture in your channel icon. It would be impressive.

Create a Strong Online Network

If you have your blog and different social media handles, then you should take full advantage of it. You can embed your YouTube videos on your blog and share your videos on social media accounts. If you do so, you can send millions of audiences from your blog and social media accounts to your YouTube channel. Likewise, your channel will rapidly grow and you will be able to see a rapid rise in your channel views and subscription.

Appeal Your Audience to Subscribe

When you shoot your YouTube videos, do not forget to appeal your audience for subscribing to your channel. You can gently appeal either at the beginning, middle, or last of your videos. Make sure when appealing for subscribing to your audience, you should not sound like begging for it. Instead, you should sound like you are appealing to get your right. If you add some fun to this task, then it would be more interesting and attractive.

Produce High-Quality Content Constantly

Most of the beginners on YouTube make this mistake. They publish videos constantly for one month or two months, after that they become inconsistent to publish videos. And this mistake leads down the ranking of their YouTube channels. As a YouTuber, you should not make this mistake. Make a weekly schedule for publishing videos on YouTube and follow it. It will help your channel to tell YouTube what is the pattern of video publishing. So, keep this in mind. It will help you a lot.

These are some of the most powerful ways using which you can increase both your channel views and subscription. There are some more, you can learn those over the internet.

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