Best Practices to Attract YouTube Audiences

There are so many ways through which you can attract audiences to your YouTube channel. Video optimization, advertising, and social sharing are some of the most powerful and effective ways to name a few. You can get desired views, subscribers, and video ranking using these fundamental methods.

However, these days, competition is getting very tough. You cannot expect to overtake well-established channels and compete with them by just following the basic marketing techniques of YouTube channel promotion. If you are looking for the answer to how to get youtube views, then you need to learn and utilize some powerful practices.

In this writing piece, we have summarized some powerful practices that are effective in attracting YouTube audiences. Let’s check them out below!

Rank Your Videos on Google Search Results

Have you ever considered targeting Google search results for ranking your YouTube videos? If your answer is no, this is one of the biggest reasons why your YouTube channel is lagging behind.

You should target Google search results, especially if your channel is related to product reviews, share how-to’s videos, and keyword-specific topics. This type of video content tends to rank higher on Google search results.

For ranking your videos on Google search results, you need to pick the keywords smartly. There are many ways you can find the right keywords for ranking your videos on Google search results, but we would suggest using paid SEO tools. They are perfect from the search engine optimization perspective.

Create Your Videos’ Trailer

Creating videos’ trailers to make the audience aware of the upcoming content is another great way to attract them. But surprisingly, very few creators use this technique.

Do you use this technique? If not, you are missing the trick here!

A YouTube video trailer is similar to a movie teaser. It is a small glimpse of your original video that just gives a little hint to your audience about the video content that you would be publishing soon. The idea is just to create curiosity among your audience so that they can wait for your every upcoming video. It also encourages them to subscribe to your channel and press the bell icon for regular notifications.

For creating attractive and exciting trailers for your YouTube videos, you must follow the following tips:

Keep them short (7-15 seconds)
Keep the video quality high
Highlight the most interesting and exciting points
Add background music or voiceover
Use transition and animation effects
Do not add too much text-based content

Create a Series Playlist

Do you know what a series playlist is? Well, it is one of the most powerful YouTube features that allows creators to create a playlist of relevant videos that a viewer can watch without making selections again and again. The creators need to mark their playlist as an official set of videos.

A series playlist has many advantages. It allows videos to be recommended when someone watches a video in the series.

While creating a series playlist on your channel, you need to remember a few things:

You should have a verified account to create and use the series playlist feature.
You cannot add a video to many series playlists.
You can add only your videos to the series playlist.

For creating a series playlist, head over to playlist settings and turn on “Set as official series for this playlist.”

Host Giveaway Contests

Many creators use this technique to attract more and more views and subscriptions. Nowadays, it is in trend. It is also one of the most useful ways of attracting audiences.

As a YouTuber, you would better know that audiences never refuse freebies, and you should make full use of this. Host giveaway contests to encourage people to like your videos, comment on them, and subscribe to your channel.

Create Collaborated Videos

You must have seen many videos represented by more than one YouTuber. These types of videos are called collaborated videos.

Creating collaborated videos by collaborating with some other famous YouTuber or influencer is one of the most productive ways to attract audiences. And it has been proved true during the pandemic when everyone was inside their home. Many creators used that period smartly, collaborated with other artists and created outstanding content, making them popular among their audiences.

Typically, there is a host and others are guests in the collaborated videos. They talk about an interesting issue, topic or do some exciting activities to entertain the audience.

For creating compelling collaborated videos, first, you need to approach famous YouTubers who make videos in a similar niche. After that, you have to convince them to collaborate with you on a video by giving them an exciting proposal. Once they agree to collaborate with you, simply create an interesting video.

Check out some of the exciting options for creating collaborated videos!

On-on-On interview (sharing experiences, journey, or useful tips to a target audience)
Question & Answer videos
Fun activity
Live streaming videos

Catch the Trend

Creating videos on trendy topics and issues always get you guaranteed views and subscriptions. So, it is important to catch the trend if you want to grow your YouTube channel.

Browse through the web, scroll through social media, and explore your local media to find out the trends in your region and over the web. Then create fact-based, compelling, and engaging videos for your channel. It will surely work and give an incredible boost to your channel.

Offer Free or Discounted Courses and E-Books to Your Subscribers

Freebies always encourage audiences to watch videos and subscribe to your channel. So, it would be helpful in attracting the audiences if you offer free or discounted courses, e-books, and other items through your channel.

You can also ask audiences to join your channel for free courses and e-books. It will benefit you a lot.

Promote Your Content Through Other Channels

This is one of the fastest ways to get massive views and subscriptions. For promoting your YouTube content through other well-established channels, you need to do:

First, prepare a proposal
Find out a reliable established YouTuber
Convince him/her with your proposal
Make result-driven strategies and execute them


All the tips and tactics we have explained in this writing piece will definitely help you produce expected results. By following them, you can incredibly take your YouTube channel to the next level. Just make sure you execute all the tips and tactics smartly.

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