What All Goes Into Making A Travel YouTube Channel?

You might feel daunted if you start your journey as a travel blogger. You have many questions in your mind. For instance – Where should I begin? How to create a travel YouTube Channel? How to do youtube advertising and cast a wider net? These factors determine the success of your YouTube channel. We have come up here to solve all your queries. Let’s dig deeper into the blog and find what all goes into making a travel youtube channel.

Shooting And Editing


Pre-production involves the steps of preparation before the actual production starts. There are higher possibilities of things going wrong when you are making a travel video. So, plan exactly what you want to show on screen, and this will make the work easier.


If you know where you are planning to go, take out some time to do the key research about the place. Here are the things you can find answers to – 

  • The weather conditions of that place
  • Is it safe there?
  • The best food items to eat there and the best places to stay.

History of the destination.

Writing a Travel Vlog

The essence of a travel vlog lies in the moments you travel. When you start traveling, you can’t always know what is going to happen. If you are sure to know, won’t it be boring? So, it is worth writing a pre-production script that will fetch you as a reference in what you want as the end result.

You can write some voiceovers. Moreover, you can plan the sequences you have in mind.

Production Calendar

Create a production calendar once you decide the locations and timings of the shoot. It will help you know the dates and times of where you need to be. Experts advise keeping flexibility in your schedule. It will help you as a guide to keeping everything you need. You do not want to start the editing and realize you have missed out on two important shots, and now you can’t go back to the destination for those shots.

Let’s Start With The Shooting Aspect Now.

Shooting Gear

Here is what you need in a great travel vlogging camera –


 You will have to move the whole day, and you don’t want to keep a heavy camera with you while walking or traveling. So, buy a camera that is as compact as possible.

Good Autofocus

You will turn the camera on yourself most of the time. It rightly explains that you must have reliable autofocus. With good autofocus, you don’t need to keep checking again and again whether your face is in focus or not. Just tap the red button, and you are all set to start shooting.


Good audio is a vital element of YouTube video. So, get a good microphone for that.

Spare Batteries

You will travel with your phone all day. The only chance you will get to charge your phone is at the beginning and end of the day at your accommodation. So, ensure to have a power bank or spare batteries to make as many videos as you want.


 Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind while editing your videos – 

The Story Is The Heart

Every vlogger wants to earn as many subscribers to their channel as possible. Do you want to know the secret recipe of how to get youtube subscribers? If yes, let us tell you that content is the king. Find out the answer to the question of what story will you tell and how much time you will contribute to each clip?

Human Moments

Do not just focus on beautiful shots and captivating images. Balance the mesmerizing pictures with the human moments. Show your personality and offer insights. It is the key to attracting people to your channel so they can keep coming back to it.


Most people aim to make videos of anywhere between 10-25 minutes. The first few seconds of the video are very crucial. Ensure that you keep the introduction as excellent as possible, which will make the audience watch the full video. It takes only 10-20 seconds to decide whether the audience will keep watching or not.

To Sum It Up

Only knowing that you want to be a travel vlogger is not enough. You need to make all the preparations and have all procedures in place. A lot goes into making interesting videos. And if at any point of time you feel that your videos are not garnering attention, you need not worry. Vrocket is there to help you raise the bar of your channel. We manage your youtube video promotion with the latest advertising strategies. Give us the chance to increase the views on your travel videos and increase the number of subscribers to your channel. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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