Debunking 7 YouTube Myths that Hinder Your Ability to Increase Views

You may have searched through many articles, blogs, and even videos on how to get more views on YouTube. You may have also found many tips, tricks, and strategies. Some may be fantastic, some are just so-so, and some can be ridiculous myths. These unuseful myths could even stop you from growing your channel.

That’s why we’re here to help.

We will clear up the seven most common YouTube myths people believe in and tell you the real facts behind them.

Are you ready to get those facts straight, make better videos, and get more views on YouTube? Keep reading.

7 Myths YouTubers Must Stop Believing Now

Give your YouTube channel robust growth by understanding the not-so-complex science behind YouTube strategies and debunking a few myths.

Myth 1: One Poor Video Can Hurt Whole Channel

Making a bad video is a natural part of the creative journey on YouTube. Whether you are just starting or have been creating content for a while, it’s normal to experiment with new video ideas. Sometimes your YouTube videos will go viral, while a few times, they may not perform differently than you hoped.

However, one wrong video can not hurt your whole channel. This is a myth, as YouTube doesn’t penalize you for one bad addition. Instead, the platform treats each video individually, and one bad video won’t negatively impact the success of your future videos. So, keep experimenting, and don’t get discouraged by one less successful video.

Myth 2: Adding Tags In YouTube Videos Helps You Get Higher Ranking

You may have heard about adding tags to your YouTube video. We recommend that you don’t rely too much on them. These tags are just used to make your video content more discoverable and relatable when users search for something on YouTube. While treating tags as keywords is tempting, YouTube has repeatedly confirmed that it is a myth. 

Instead, tags serve a different purpose.

According to YouTube’s support page, tags are helpful only if your video’s content is frequently misspelled. Otherwise, they have a minimal impact on your video ranking.

Myth 3: You Have To Create Lots Of Videos To Get More Subscribers

This is just another ridiculous myth. To get more subscribers, you must pay more attention to the quality of creating content rather than quantity. People subscribe to those channels that provide them with user-friendly content.

For example: Let’s say you have a cooking channel and you want to get more subscribers. While there are different ways to grow your channel, like buying real youtube subscribers or resorting to only good content to get viral, experts favor the second option more.

So, instead of just creating many videos on different recipes, add something unique to your channel, like making videos that teach cooking techniques, kitchen hacks, and tips or give a glimpse of behind the scenes.

In short, you need to find your secret sauce for YouTube content.

Myth 4: YouTube Shorts Hurt Your Ranking

At first, it might seem like people who watch long-form videos wouldn’t be interested in short videos like Shorts. But actually, it is just a myth. Shorts won’t harm your channel at all.

They could actually help you get more views on your longer videos. 

That’s because YouTube has updated its algorithm to recommend long-form videos to people who watch Shorts. So if you make a popular Short, YouTube might recommend your longer videos to that respective audience.

It will help you increase YouTube subscribers and gain more video views.

Myth 5: Post Videos On A Scheduled Time To Get On a Trending List

Believing in the myth that only uploading videos on a specific time window will get them in the trending list can harm your YouTube channel. The truth is that YouTube’s algorithm updates constantly, and the trending list is revised every 15 minutes.

If your video gets a lot of attention from a big audience, it could start trending at any time of the day.

Therefore, the best way to get into the top trending list is by paying attention to creating user-centric videos. Post your videos when your subscribers are most likely to be online and ready to watch. Once you upload any new video, your subscribers will get a pop-up notification, and there your video will get its first views.

Myth 6: Buy High-Quality Equipment To Make Interesting Videos

It is the most common tip when you search for how to get more views on YouTube. But it’s only a partial truth that doesn’t apply to every YouTube channel. 

As most YouTubers have reached massive channel growth by creating videos from their smartphones only, things work differently for creators with target audiences more interested in technology or gadgets.

For example: if you have a photography or makeup tutorial channel, the quality of the picture will matter a lot.

However, upgrading your equipment will not be necessary for other channels if you’re doing something that requires technical equipment. 

Myth 7: Earning Money On YouTube Is Challenging For Small Channels

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to join the YouTube Partner Program to start earning money on the platform. You can start making money now, even if you haven’t met the 1,000 subscriber and 4,000 watch hour requirements.

In other words, you can earn income on YouTube in multiple ways. Some of them are affiliate revenue brand deals and selling products outside of YouTube.

So, don’t feel left out if you’re not yet in the Partner Program, as you can still make money on YouTube with some creativity and effort.

In Short– Focus on your Audience & Grow Your YouTube Channel 

Well, it doesn’t matter when you post, how long or short your video is, or what equipment you use. All that matters is, giving your subscribers content that they love, and no doubt they will eagerly wait for your upcoming video.

So, keep learning and creating your unique content because that’s the best way to grow your YouTube channel.

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