Different Ways Of Making YouTube Video Ads On A Budget

When we have to make budget cuts, video advertising is an easy target because many advertisers consider it a costly affair. But the fact is a bit different. YouTube ads production is budget-friendly if you find out some great inexpensive ways to create good videos. If you want to know how to get more views on YouTube, then the answer to this is YouTube Advertising.

When there was chaos all around due to pandemic because businesses were struggling hard to flourish, YouTube helped them continue building and maintaining their brand awareness. It is believed that your YouTube videos are going to be resilient and strong for the long term. You can use video ads to maintain brand awareness. Many advertisers have still reduced their advertising budget during the pandemic, and video advertising was not spared the axe. The biggest question is why YouTube advertising is an easy target for budget cuts? Why it is the first thing, every marketer stops considering when they have budget issues. Is it a sensible decision? Let’s find out!

We believe that many consider video advertising as costly and complex. Business owners don’t want to take the hassle of finding a good producer who could take the responsibility of faithfully representing their brand as well as the associated costs. That’s why they decide to invest their advertising dollars somewhere else.

Video Production Cost Doesn’t Have To Be Pricey!

Yes, that’s true! Video production costs don’t have to be sky-high. Traditional TV ads can be expensive and take months to produce, but this is not the case with YouTube ads. Furthermore, the pandemic has made it more challenging to perform in-person video shoots. As a result of this, different video ad-making alternatives gain attention as they are much more affordable, and you don’t need to go outdoors for a shoot when you have YouTube Video Ad Builder with you.

YouTube Video Ad Builder

This option has been around for a while, but it remained under the radar. It is by far the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to create a video for video advertising. According to Google, Video Builder can help brands or agencies with existing video resources by bringing experimentation and agility to the process of creation by generating lightweight videos. On the other hand, for small businesses and those with less creative experience, this video builder can provide an efficient way to create videos. It is perfect for businesses that don’t have elaborate resources to produce, shoot and edit videos from scratch.

How to Use YouTube Video Ad Builder?

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to create a video using Video Ad Builder, but you need to do proper planning and preparation. Given below are a few steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Establish Strategy & Messaging

Start with deciding on strategy and messaging. This is something that you have been doing for your PPC program. If you can’t do it by yourself, hire a YouTube advertising expert. You have to be clear on what you are trying to achieve and convey. Always include a call to action!

Step 2: Collect Assets

Pool your existing assets such as images and logos. If your advertising company or team has already created display campaigns, it will be easy. Make sure the images you are using should be clear and in full color. Don’t overlap logos or text or buttons. Always use simple images as they work best in these ads. Don’t overdo images with fancy filters or other creative processes.

Step 3: Pick Your Layout, Font, Colors & Music

The best thing about YouTube Video Ad Builder is that you can choose from different fonts, layouts, colors, and music. Everything you need for building a good video ad is built-in. It has different layouts that have been designed for various purposes, such as introducing your brand, highlighting your products, and sharing promotions.

It also has a storyboard feature. You can plan the flow of your ad using it. If you think you don’t have excellent designer instincts, it would be better to follow the recommended sizes, orientation, layout, and styles. To further customize and promote your ad, you can also choose music from the built-in library. For using any built-in music, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Step 4: Upload to Your YouTube Channel

Once you have uploaded your assets and picked your layout, bring everything together into your video ad and preview/edit as required. If you think it is good to go, upload the video to your YouTube channel. You can also perform additional edits even after uploading to YouTube Studio.

Step 5: Start Using Video For Ad Campaigns

Start using new videos in your ad campaigns! You can do it by yourself, or again you can take the help of YouTube advertising companies. They create your YouTube ad campaigns on a low budget as well. Don’t worry about the money; they charge very little for YouTube advertising. They will ensure that you will get increased YouTube subscribers on your channel. They can also assure to provide you increase video views on your newly uploaded video through YouTube ads.

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