Effective Ways to Get More YouTube Views on Your New Channel

With 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the second largest website on the Internet. People like YouTube, so much so that the average session duration is 40 minutes. It means that YouTube is a great platform to showcase your creativity or even promote your brand to reach the potential audience.  

However, the real challenge is getting the required exposure, especially when you have just published your first video. When you’re starting from scratch, the odds for your content to reach people are extremely low. Why? Because there are thousands of other creators who have already set up their shops and have a decent viewership. 

This is why it is likely to get a bit challenging for new creators to get more views on YouTube. However, with the right strategies, even you can get the required exposure for your videos.  

To make it much easier, we have compiled a detailed guide to help you understand the most effective ways on how to get more views on YouTube. So, if you have recently started a YouTube channel, continue reading, the following guide will help you sail in the right direction. 

Let Your Channel Welcome New Visitors

When you’re just starting out with your new channel, it is necessary that it welcomes the new visitors. You can consider your channel as the front room of your house where you hang all the cool painting to make it appealing for the guests. 

In order to make your channel welcoming, there are a few rules you can follow. Writing the perfect channel description and backing it with the most suitable trailer is one of them. Since people don’t know what your channel is all about, it is your job to help them understand. 

The trailer video should include what your channel is, what type of content viewers can expect, and how it’ll provide value to them. These small things show that you actually care about your viewers. It can also increase your subscriber count, allowing you to have a regular viewership. 

Create Compelling Content

Here’s the thing; if your content is not up to the mark, it is less likely to engage the viewers, and they are most likely to switch to the next video. To keep viewers engaged through the entire video, it is necessary to write compelling content. 

To do so, you need to first understand what your audience wants. For instance, if you are starting a music channel related to guitar tutorials, you have an array of topics you can create videos about. 

When it comes to guitars, people usually have queries such as “how to buy the first guitar”, “how to play guitar as a beginner”, “how to learn different guitar chords”. These are a few of the topics, people really want to know about and you can create content that talks about them. 

Keep the Videos Interactive

Want to know the easiest way on how to get views on Youtuber? Make sure that your videos are interactive. No one wants to see a guy sitting in front of the camera and talking about a bunch of things for several minutes. 

Instead of talking to the camera, try interacting with the people who are watching your videos. Respond to the comments you are receiving on your videos and show your appreciation towards people who took the time to watch your content. 

Another way to interact with the viewers is to ask them to subscribe and share your channel with other people. You may have already heard many YouTubers say at the beginning of their video to like, share, and subscribe. Well, you can be one of those people and turn your regular videos into interactive sessions with the viewers. 

Promote Your Videos On Other Social Media Platforms

If you have thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, you already have people who’ll be willing to watch your content on YouTube. All you need to do is tell them that you have just started a YouTube channel and how your videos can be helpful for them. 

Promoting your videos on your social media profiles give you the opportunity to attract viewers who already trust you. That’s why this is one of the easiest ways to get more views on YouTube. 

To do so, you can create a 1-minute long trailer/teaser video that talks about your YouTube channel and the content you’ll be sharing there. This is likely to encourage your followers to head to your YouTube channel and watch your videos. 

Be Consistent With the Content

In the initial days, you need to put out as much content as possible. You can’t upload one video and expect people to subscribe to your channel. In order to turn one-time-viewers into subscribers, it is necessary to have enough content for people to binge-watch. 

That’s why many creators create 10-15 videos before starting their new channel. This way your channel would have enough content for people to decide whether they want to subscribe or not. 

And, once you have published these videos, it is also necessary to publish videos on a regular basis. Try to at least post one video per week. The most effective way to be consistent with the content is to set a specific time and day of the week when you’ll be publishing your videos. 

Optimize Video Titles

Like Google, YouTube is also a search engine. It means to get your videos the required exposure, you need to optimize your channel so that it appears in the search results. The first step of optimizing a YouTube channel is to optimize the video titles. To do so, add relevant keywords to the video titles. This will make your videos relevant to the queries people use to search for videos. 

Wrapping Things Up 

How to get more YouTube videos is a question that every new YouTuber struggles to answer. However, with the right strategies, you can easily increase the number of views to your YouTube. The above-mentioned strategies will help you promote your new channel and attract potential viewers.  

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