How to Promote Your YouTube Videos (Tactics that Work)

Do you own a YouTube channel and want to increase views on your videos? If your answer is yes, then the following guide is for you. We have put together a detailed guide that includes the most effective working tactics to promote YouTube video and get more views. 

The truth is YouTube promotion is an essential part of every YouTuber’s journey. It doesn’t matter how killer content you’ve created, without promoting your videos, they won’t reach the right audience, at least not in the initial days. 

However, the good news is promoting a YouTube video is not rocket science. In fact, it is one of the easiest things that anyone can learn within a short time interval. So, without wasting a fraction of a second, let’s dive straight into the YouTube promotion tips you should know to get more views.

Tips to Promote YouTube Videos

Optimize Video Titles

The title of your video can have a huge impact on how many views it gets. While a captivating title can get millions of views, a poorly structured title will make it too difficult to get the desired recognition. If you follow any leading YouTubers, you must have noticed that all their titles emotionally connect with their audience. 

Optimizing the titles is necessary, irrespective of the channel you own. To do so, start with performing a YouTube keyword research. Adding keywords to the video titles will make your videos appear in the search results as well. 

In addition to this, here are a couple of title optimization tips you should always remember. 

  • Keep Your Titles Concise and Precise as YouTube will automatically truncate lengthier titles
  • Make Yout Titles appealing so that they compel the viewers to watch the video
  • Try to add your target keywords at the beginning of the title (if possible)
  • With your titles, try to emotionally connect with the audience. The easiest way to do this is to use emotional triggers such as Censored, Passionate, Controversial, What no one tells you, etc. 

Optimizing the video title will make it widely seen on the platform. The video will also appear in the YouTube search results for specific search queries. 

Add a Custom Thumbnail

Now, this feature is only available for YouTube accounts that are verified. If you don’t have one, skip to the next step. Verified accounts on YouTube has the freedom to upload customized thumbnails on their videos. 

While it may seem a bit hard to digest, but adding custom thumbnails can turn a thousand views into millions of views. How? Well, thumbnails, like video titles, add an emotional touch to your videos. 

An appealing video thumbnail will help your videos stand out in the suggested video and related video sections, taking your YouTube promotion strategies to the next level. Here’s how you can add custom thumbnails to the videos. 

  • Keep the image resolution 1280×720. 
  • Make sure that the image format is right. Either upload in JPG, PNG, or GIF formats. 
  • Make sure to compress the image size before uploading. Try to keep the size under 2 MB.
  • Keep the aspect ratio 16:9 as the majority of YouTube players support the same aspect ratio

You can also use an online tool like Thumbmaker to design the thumbnails for your videos. 

Share Videos On Social Media Channels

One of the most efficient ways to promote YouTube videos is to share it on your social media profiles. As a YouTube creator, you are most likely to have active social media channels as well. These social media accounts can work as your community outside YouTube. 

In addition to staying active on these accounts, you can also utilize them to promote your newly uploaded videos. Social media profiles can become a direct source of views for your videos. 

In case you don’t have time, you can also use a tool like Buffer to schedule the upload date and time for the posts. Also, make sure to promote a single video at least 8-10 times. There’s no harm in sharing the same video again and again. If anything, it’ll increase the number of views to your videos. 

To make your posts discoverable, make sure to use hashtags while posting them. Hashtags are a great way to make your posts appear in the searches. 

Create a YouTube Playlist

If your existing videos aren’t getting the desired exposure, create a dedicated playlist and add these videos to it. Playlists also appear in the YouTube search results and can attract viewers (other than your subscribers) to your videos. 

While creating a new playlist, make sure to keep an appealing title and if possible, make sure to add keywords to the title as well. 

Go Live and Interact With Your Viewers

YouTube has become the top live streaming platform on the Internet. So, utilize this opportunity and interact with your subscribers. One of the most effective ways to get more YouTube views is to stay connected with people who watch your content. 

You can also create a different type of content by conducting live streams, that engages the viewers. The live stream is a whole different that you can explore to engage with the audience. From conducting Q&A sessions to starting a webinar series, there are several ways you can utilize live streaming to get more YouTube views. 

Post Evergreen Content

No doubt, trending videos will give you views for a certain time period, but eventually, they’ll fade away in the cluster of YouTube. In addition to creating videos on trending topics, you should also create videos that cover an evergreen topic.

Evergreen topics usually include ‘how-to guides’, tutorial videos, a list of tools and resources, etc. Figure out what triggers your audience and create a video accordingly. 


YouTube promotion is a great way to get the desired exposure for your videos. The above-mentioned tips will help you promote YouTube video and get more views on your content as well as more YouTube subscribers. So, utilize these strategies and promote your channel more efficiently. 

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