From Zero to Hero- Tips to Gain and Retain Your YouTube Views

Have you started your YouTube Channel? That’s great! But just creating a channel and making a video is never enough. One must consider many things like subscribers, likes, comments, shares, and, more importantly, views!

In this world where video domination is increasing, getting more views on YouTube should be near the top of the to-do list of every content marketer. But how to increase views on YouTube? What strategies should you consider? If you are just starting, you are at the right place because you will find all the required information here!

Understand the YouTube Algorithm

Before you dive into the strategies or tips to grow your YouTube views, it is essential to understand the platform’s algorithm. YouTube uses an algorithm to suggest content to users, and it considers several factors, including:

  • Watch Time– YouTube prioritizes to keep viewers engaged for a longer period.
  • Click-Through Rate– A high CTR indicates that the title of your video is enticing to viewers.
  • Video Length– The longer your video will be, the higher it may rank, but only if it maintains the viewer’s interest.
  • User Engagement– If you want to boost the visibility of a video, then comments, likes, shares, and subscribers play an essential role.
  • Keyword Relevance– You need to properly optimize the title of the video, description, and tags, which will help YouTube understand the content.

Tips You Should Try Today!

YouTube is a perfect place where a person can showcase their talent through posting videos. However, earning money from YouTube is not that simple; one has to consider several different things, which are-

1.Create Engaging Content

The quality of your content matters the most because if you create something that does not intrigue people, it may not attract an audience. That is why you need to identify your niche first. It should be something you are passionate about or have expertise in.

Accordingly, you can target the audience. Consistency is essential while creating and posting content, but that does not mean you can compromise on the quality. You should invest in good equipment editing software and create well-scripted and visually appealing videos.

You can even consider creating storytelling videos because they engage the viewers and make them watch until the end.

youtube videos


2.Optimize your YouTube Channel

If you want your video to get a higher ranking, then optimizing is essential. You should get familiar with YouTube SEO and include the following things–

  • Keyword research,
  • Optimized Titles,
  • Engaging Thumbnails,
  • Detailed Descriptions,
  • Tags and Categories.

You can even consider organizing the content into playlists, encouraging viewers to watch more of your videos, and increasing overall watch time. Moreover, it will be better to personalize your channel with branding elements such as logos, banners, and channel trailers.

3.Link Up with Other Content Creators

You do not necessarily need to be at odds with another content provider just because you aim to reach the same audience. Some of the biggest YouTube stars have used this tactic to grow their fan base by collaborating with other users.

You are exposed to a fresh group of people through each partnership. The best thing is that new viewers are more likely to subscribe to the channel because you work with a content creator they already know, like, and trust.

However, finding the right YouTuber or influencer is crucial to the success of any YouTube collaboration. Working with content producers who share your company’s interests will help your video come across as authentic.

4.Think For Good Titles

Presentation is vital in YouTube marketing. The YouTube video titles are much like the thumbnail, which requires a substantial degree of forethought. Although, it is ethical to use the video title just to trick users into clicking.

People who search YouTube for videos to watch may scroll down to look for the title, but if they do not capture their attention, they will not get better optimization. While writing the title, you should focus on the outcome and use specific, impressive numbers that are easy to understand.

5.Customize Your Thumbnails

Creating custom thumbnails is one of the simplest, best, and most effective ways to promote the YouTube channel. You need to think of the title and thumbnail as a sort of one-two to grab the viewers’ attention.

For the thumbnail, YouTube takes a screenshot from any of the videos that you have posted. Unfortunately, there are times when a transition or moving the camera results in a blurry image. But that may not look good, so one should create thumbnails yourself.

Doing so will make your video look more appealing at a glance and also signal a sense of professionalism. Additionally, creating thumbnails does not have to be difficult. You may even design a template using a specific font and style to make it more standardized and aligned with your brand.

6.Run a Contest or Giveaway

What YouTube viewers like the most is a giveaway. Holding a contest or giveaway might help the person advertise your YouTube channel and encourage subscribers. Users can enter your competitions by watching your video, leaving a comment, and joining your channel.

You can use some recommended strategies when hosting a social media contest:

  • You must ensure you are following the policies of YouTube
  • Giveaway a gift related to your brand as you need to attract freebie-seekers and more.
  • Use your imagination by including user-generated content and other novel admission criteria.

But one should be careful while hosting these types of YouTube contests. To avoid wasting time,  resources, and money, you should ensure that your efforts produce results. Wait a time after running a contest before checking your engagement and subscriber drop-off rates. If your subscriber base is inactive, you might be drawing in folks looking for free stuff.

7.Enhance Engagement with CTA (Call-to-action)

When you consider the immediacy & connection that video content can foster, sometimes asking for involvement is the best approach to get your videos seen. It is common practice to include these reminders in the description or inside the video itself because not everyone who views one of your videos will remember to click “Like” or “Subscribe.”

There is no shame in requesting some love personally, mainly if you are a rising channel. Asking visitors a question to which they will answer the comments or suggesting they watch another video are excellent methods to maintain engagement. You can connect to other videos or include an external link to the website as a form of CTA.

Final Thoughts!

Becoming a YouTube hero for your website is possible, but it takes commitment, planning, and a thorough knowledge of the platform. Remember that if you want to increase YouTube views, that may take time, so be persistent and patient as you pursue YouTube success.

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