How to Make a YouTube Shopping Haul Video?

Filming haul videos is simple and enjoyable. It’s a terrific way to show your style, shopping habits, and preferred stores to your subscribers and followers—most of YouTube’s top guru’s post-haul videos. Many people enjoy viewing these films because they may learn about new stores to visit, current trends, and where to find the best prices. So making a haul film is clear, but it will also bring in some new viewers and understanding of how to get ads on youtube.

What Is a Haul Video Exactly?

The idea is simple: wherever you go on a shopping spree (both online and in stores), you record a video demonstrating what you bought. Haul films can be recorded at any time of year, but many YouTubers prefer to do them when purchasing products. A haul video can include the following items:

  • Accessory for Clothing (e.g., handbags, jewelry)
  • Shoes Cosmetics and make-up
  • Art and craft supplies Books
  • Decorative things for the room (e.g., posters, desk lamps, furniture)
  • Merchandise from a different country
  • Computer/technical equipment is a term used to describe a piece of equipment that
  • Computer and video games
  • There are even nibbles!

Pointers To Help You Make Your Own Haul Video

  1. Prepare a filming location. Ensure the lighting is acceptable; if there isn’t enough light, the video will be gloomy. It’s best to film them during the day when there’s plenty of natural light, but utilize desk lamps to aid with the lighting if that’s not possible.
  2. Place your camera on a level surface or a tripod if one is available. Once your haul video is of sufficient quality, you can also utilize the camera on your computer to film it. You can sit at a desk, on a chair, or even on the floor, facing the camera. You may even hire someone to shoot the video for you! Make a few test videos to ensure the camera is in the right place and the microphone is working. You’re ready to film once you’re pleased!
  3. Use a clear voice and fix your gaze on the camera. You don’t want to appear severe or dull to your viewers, so smile frequently and break a few jokes during the video.

Make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera before you begin. You may prepare by watching a few practice videos and practicing what you’re going to say.

You can begin the video by greeting the audience (a simple “Hello, everyone!”) and briefly describe your shopping excursion. You can include a list of the stores you visited and any special discounts or in-store activities, such as giveaways, that occurred while you were there.

Act as though you’re speaking to one of your pals personally — this will make you feel a lot more at ease. If you believe it will help, write some items you want to discuss on a little piece of paper and pin it wherever you can quickly look at it, such as the camera tripod or the screen behind the camera or computer.

  1. Show off your new purchases! To show additional detail, bring them up to the camera. You can also explain why you bought each item, the price, and any unique discounts you received. It’s a good idea to save all of your bills and receipts while producing a haul video since this can help you recall which item came from which retailer.
  2. You might state that you got them from a nearby store if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing the actual names of stores or malls near your home. Remember the Internet’s rules: don’t give out too much personal information!
  3. For a unique twist, use a film of you browsing at a store or mall! These can be images or video snippets.
  4. Have you ever gone shopping with your best friend? Make a video of you and your companion discussing your shopping excursion! It’ll be more enjoyable to do, and you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your buddy to your YouTube channel and visitors.
  5. Clean up your video with a video editing application to make it seem more professional. It’s thrilling to shoot your haul movie, and you’ll want to post it as soon as possible, but it’s best to spend some time editing it so that you can publish a higher-quality video. Most computers come with pre-installed editing software, such as iMovie for Apple and Windows Movie Maker for Microsoft. 

You may easily clip out any sections of your video that you don’t want to be included in the final output. You may also have additional effects like subtitles and floating text. (For instance, anytime you hold up an item to the camera, you may include a caption with the store’s name, where you purchased it, and the price.)

  1. If you have a blog or social media website that you want your YouTube viewers to visit, you may make a short clip with the URL and a brief message to place at the opening or conclusion of the video. If your subscribers like your video, they’ll want to visit your channel. It will help you to do youtube video promotion! It is a unique opportunity.
Finally! Get The Feedback 

If you want to get feedback on your video, videotape yourself, thanking the viewers for watching and asking them to leave a question or remark in the video’s comments area for you to read. Some individuals will undoubtedly ask for the specific link to the thing you purchased, so be ready.

Have fun filming!

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