How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral?

Did you know that it can make a YouTube video go viral? It’s a challenging task, but the rewards are worth it. Videos that get millions of views can increase your social media presence and help your business in ways you may have yet to consider. 

So how do you make a video go viral? This blog post will discuss things to consider when creating and other helpful tips for making a video unforgettable.


Even if you’ve had one or two videos go viral on your platform, it takes work to figure out how to make more videos go viral.

However, a few things can be helpful: maintaining consistency in video production, assessing your material to evaluate how well it performs, and being intimately familiar with your audience and their challenges.

These characteristics can be seen in virtually every video that achieves viral status on YouTube. Learn how to make your YouTube videos go viral by taking the advice of the 52 industry professionals we contacted for this article.

46% of these respondents are employed in providing services or products to consumers, 40% in consultancies or agencies that work with marketing, digital, or media organizations, and 14% in providing services or products to businesses. You must learn how to get ads on YouTube to make your video viral. 

1) Post high-quality and unique content:

If you want any video to go viral, it must be a high-quality product and provide value in some way. It can be entertainment or information, but it has to be something that will hold someone’s attention long enough for them to share.

2) Create videos on controversial topics:

People love to be heard and feel that they are on the right side of the argument. They will share videos, even if they disagree with a particular point of view. Create videos on controversial topics, and you will see the number of views increase.

3) Use a clear call to action:

People will watch your video but share it if it has a call to action that pushes them closer to getting whatever you sell (your product/service or brand).

4) Create videos that match their interests:

Use keywords in your title, tags, and descriptions so they find the video. For example, a video about “How to Make Homemade Ice Cream” would interest a person who enjoys making homemade ice cream, wants to learn how to make homemade ice cream, or is interested in the health benefits of making homemade ice cream. Use these keywords consistently throughout your description and tags so viewers can find you.

5) Leverage social media:

Social media buttons on your blog or website make it easy for people to share your video. The big networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

6) Market to influencers:

Since almost any big name has a presence on YouTube, you can use their influence to promote your video. Many successful YouTubers figured out how to effectively drive revenue via their channels and through endorsements by other successful YouTubers.

7) Create an enticing video thumbnail:

The thumbnail is the first thing someone sees when they “preview” your video. If it grabs their attention, they’re more likely to watch it. You can use paid ads to help get your video in front of more people, but even then, you need a quality thumbnail that will make viewers want to click on your video over other videos.

8) Keep your fans happy:

If you want people to share your content, you must give them something worth sharing. They have to think, “hey, this is interesting,” or “I want to share this with my friends because of what I learned.” Be sure you post consistently on both YouTube and also share YouTube video viral link on other social media platforms.

9) Interact with your subscribers:

If you don’t interact with your subscribers, they won’t feel as connected to your channel. Interact with them by asking questions in the comment section of your videos or via social media. This will make them feel more connected to you and lead to sharing your content. You can also buy real YouTube subscribers from trusted providers like VRocket!

10) Keep your video short and sweet:

Our ability to focus for long periods has significantly decreased recently. Because of this, you need to ensure that you get to the point of your video rather quickly.

Keep the length of your movie as brief as possible while still covering all of the essential information you like to impart to your viewers. It all depends on your social media site, but as long as you keep your audience entertained for the bulk of your video, you’ll have no problem holding their attention.

For example, the longest movies made by creators on TikTok are only allowed to be three minutes long. When your video is up against millions of other videos that are only 15 seconds long on an app built for users to scroll endlessly, there is a good chance that your video will not go viral.

Wrapping Up!

To make a video go viral, you need to create compelling content that will be shared. Keep your videos short, and more people will watch them and share them with friends. YouTube’s algorithm will help you more than any other social media platform. 

When you post, make sure that your thumbnail will bring people to your video and make it a click-worthy experience. Interact with your subscribers, so they feel more connected to you and will be more likely to share. Keep it short and sweet, at least for now.

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