How to Monetize your YouTube Channel and Earn Through Ads

Many people all around the world, are confused about how they can monetize their youtube channels. Well, monetizing the youtube channel is a simple process. Today, we will tell you about the different monetization methods that work and how they will help in setting up your account in order to start earning income from your youtube videos. 

First things first, it is extremely important to enable monetization on your Youtube channel so that your videos can be submitted and approved for the monetizations. If you are looking forward to earning the revenue that is basically generated through these ads, you’ll need to associate an AdSense account along with your youtube account. 

Basic Steps you’ll Need to Follow to Monetize YouTube Channel

  • It is important to log in to your youtube channel account. 
  • Once you have logged in, make sure to select the “Enable monetization” tab through the Channel setting. 
  • Make sure that you are following each and every step in order to accept the youtube monetization agreement. 
  • Next, in the upload tab, you will be able to see a green box along with a dollar sign next to the video advertising, which means your video is immediately eligible for monetization. 
  • After all the steps are successfully measured, you are in need to associate with the Adsense account to your youtube channel. It is completely free to set up a new Adsense account. For all this, you are in need to have a PayPal along with a bank account along with a valid e-mail address so that your account can get easily verified. 

Google will verify your account and send you a confirmation mail once your YouTube account will be approved. 

Can you Start Earning With Minimum Subscribers?

You will be amazed to know that if you are not having millions of subscribers, you can still earn money through your youtube channel. Your earning potential is not based only on the number of subscribers and the views that you have on your youtube channel. But, also on the level of engagement that you generate along with the revenue channels that you explore. 

If you are also planning to make money through your youtube channel and want to know how to get ads on Youtube, make sure that you have a clear understanding of your targeted audience. 

Who’s going to watch your Youtube channel? 

Well, building your own audience will definitely put you in a great position to monetize your content in multiple ways. But, you will only be able to take full advantage of this once you are completely aware of the makeup of your targeted audience. There are important things that you should pay attention to.

Here are certain things that you should focus on to boost engagement: 

  • You must know the gender of your audience, just to see if it alters towards a particular group. 
  • Under what age range a large part of your audience falls into. 
  • You must know about the geographic location, the countries or the cities where your videos are being watched. 
  • You must be fully aware of your audience’s overall engagement, or definitely the “watch time”.

 Multiple ways through which you can make money through your YouTube channels: 

There are chances under which your audience might unlock your channel’s earning potential. 

In addition to AdSense, you can also create multiple revenue streams, through the side hustles or businesses, it will definitely become easier for you to make money.  

Here are several ways through which you can earn extra-income with YouTube. 

  • You can become a youtube partner and can earn money through the various ads. 
  • You can even sell the products or merchandise. 
  • Your targeted audience can help you out by supporting your work through “fan funding”.
  • Lastly, you can work with brands as an influencer or the affiliate. 

You can create sponsored content: 

In order to earn money, you don’t have to be on Instagram to be an influencer. The basic advantage of this process is that you are not in need to give YouTube a cut of your earnings. You have the opportunity to directly negotiate with the brand, and they will pay you directly. You will be amazed to know that, this is one of the most popular ways through which the YouTubers are making money. 

If you are compatible to offer brands a large or engaged audience and on the other hand if your content is appropriate to their targeted market. They would probably like to hear it from you. 

In order to do this, you are in need to find a perfect brand partner for yourself. The quality is one of the most important things when it comes to the name you have worked with. There are chances under which you would have a wishlist of your particular dream brands. If you are aiming to build yourself, it is very important for you to choose the best brand pitch before you plan to send it. 

Try making a deal: 

According to research, it has been claimed that Youtube videos are on average the most expensive type of sponsored content brands. However, it is true that youtube influencers are able to charge more for their videos than they would for Instagram stories or Facebook posts. Because the videos are just expensive to produce. 

It is very important for you to know your worth before signing any contract. Your rate will definitely be going to vary on the size of your audience along with the engagement and relevance to your potential partner. 

Try to be very transparent about your sponsored content, Ads: 

It is important to understand that sponsored content is also a type of advertising. It means it is essential to make sure that your ads are in step with Google’s Ads policies. The transparency is actually very good for your legal health along with your relationship with your audience. The youtube has a visible disclosure feature, that can basically help you out in making sure that your audience is aware that you are advertising to them. 

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