How YouTube Is A Secret Ingredient To Promote Your Food Channel?

YouTube came into existence around 15 years ago. Since then, it has been transformed from a platform used just for uploading videos to being the second most popular social media platform across the globe. Once you start with your own YouTube channel, you will get to know that YouTube offers many things to businesses and individuals. And after starting the YouTube channel, there is no looking back.

You must have seen the dogs and cat videos gaining recognition. But other categories like restaurants and cafes still get a hefty share of the pie.

Here we have come up with the information on how you can effectively promote your cooking channel.

First Things First, Why Take YouTube Marketing Seriously?
  • Let’s walk you through some statistics that show the value of the YouTube platform for your business.
  • Being the second largest social media platform, more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.
  • More than 125 million people actively use YouTube every month.
  • Only a mere 9% of small businesses in the USA use this platform for marketing.

And if you are still not using this platform, you are missing out on a great opportunity to gain the attention of the people. It is the best time to start engaging with the community on YouTube before it becomes too saturated.

What Kind Of Videos Can You Release On YouTube?

The easiest kind of videos to include is – the short videos that represent your culinary works, just short clips of 30-60 seconds. Additionally, you can include –

Behind the scenes –Visitors and guests at your cooking show are likely to know how you prepare meals at your restaurant. A YouTube video where the chefs take you through the process of your favorite dishes builds a solid ground for trust among the customers. They come to know that their meals are prepared with love and care.

Signature recipes –If you own a restaurant known for a signature dish, sharing its recipe with the world can work wonders for you. Those who cannot visit your restaurant will be delighted to make the dish and have its taste at home. And those who already love your dishes will be able to connect more with you.

Reel –Can any video promotion list be complete without the mention of the reel? Obviously, not. Quick short clips of beautiful aesthetics and scenes from your restaurant depict that customers will enjoy the experience of visiting the place. Including reels help increase youtube subscribers for your channel. If your restaurant often organizes jazz nights or poetry readings, try to make videos of these events. Customers visit your restaurant not just to have some delectable cuisines but also for a marvelous experience.

Now, let’s see how you can harness the power of YouTube to widen the reach of your restaurant.

Broadcast a tasting session –You can make full use of YouTube’s live feature and broadcast a tasting session on this platform. Ask your visitors after serving the food whether they like the taste or not, or what advice they would like to give to you to improve the food items. 

Teach professional skills –Running a restaurant or cooking show requires a high degree of professionalism. Use your talent to teach your cooks the way to properly prepare food to build authority over your restaurant.

Customer testimonials –Why not treat your customers with a delicious meal or drink in return for a video testimonial? Reading online reviews and witnessing real customers sharing their good experiences are two completely different things. Moreover, people tend to trust customer testimonials more than written reviews.

What To Do After Making The Videos?

Upload your videos on YouTube after giving them the final edit. Furthermore, share these videos on other social media platforms to expand your reach. Use email lists and get the videos uploaded on your website too. If you don’t have your own site, it is time to make one. Create your website as soon as possible. It will make it easy for the customers to find you on Google.

Tell Your Customers The Story!

To put it in a nutshell, attracting the people to your restaurant is not only about the food, but also about a great experience. The customers should have an interesting story to tell their friends and dear ones about what it was like to be at your restaurant. The relishing food makes them come back to your food place but to garner the attention of the customers, you have to tell a better story with a beautiful presentation.

Using Youtube to work to the best of its potential helps garner much-needed attention from the customers, and ultimately you will reap better returns. So, get the ball rolling with creative YouTube videos of your restaurant and let the customers keep praising your business.


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