How Google Ads Drive More Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel?

Do you have your Youtube channel? If yes, you must know the importance of Google Ads to drive the subscriber rate. This video-sharing platform allows you to create the ads that appear alongside the video on the watch page before or after the audience plays it. Youtube video promotion becomes easy in this way. But achieving success in terms of subscriber rate is not an overnight process. You need to take a few steps before Google ads start working for you. If you want Google ads to drive more subscribers to your YouTube channel, you are at the right place. Here we will learn the power of Google ads to your channel to increase its visibility across the globe.

Pay attention to your target audience

You need to have a specific idea in your mind about the audience you want to reach. You can choose the audience on the basis of demographics and interests. You may also consider using the method of contextual targeting and can even choose the channel on which you want your ads to appear. You need to have the answer to how often you want your advertisements to display. If you have a limited budget, you can select the option of pacing the delivery of your ads the whole day. 

Advantages of ad formats

Choosing a specific google ad format can work wonders for your YouTube channel. Choose an ad format for the promotion of the product and services using video ads and image ads to grow the youtube channel. Let’s take a look at the ways that encourage viewers to engage with your content.  

Truview Instream ad format

This format has the power to immediately attract viewers to your videos. After 5 seconds, viewers can make a choice to either skip the ad or continue watching. The most important thing in this format is that you will only have to make the payment if the viewers watch the ad for the full duration and interact with your Google Ads. Thus, choose this format only if you want the google ads to appear during, before, or after the YouTube video. 

TrueView discovery ad format

This ad format may either appear in YouTube search results or on the homepage for desktop and mobile. 

Bumper ad format

It is the format where users can’t skip the ad. The ad will go on for 6 seconds or less, either during, before, or after the video. It helps you reach a wider audience if you want to convey a short and memorable message. 

Engage your viewers

Want to drive deeper engagement with the Google ads? Fill it with interactive elements. Find out what your campaign goals are and look for a suitable option according to that. 

  • CTA overlay – Call-to-action overlay appears when the audience plays the video. Viewers can click the CTA overlay and then get redirected to the channel or website. 
  • Card – It is like a few seconds teaser. You can include the link of your videos on YouTube. 
  • End screen – This element appears for only a while at the end of the video. It discloses more information when the audience clicks it on desktop or mobile. 

Effective ads

There is no one-step solution to mark the success of your video advertisement. But you can follow the given tips. 

  • Make your video as engaging as possible. In short, the first five seconds are crucial to your video. Make it as engaging as you can. 
  • Create innumerable Google ads and start with its testing on various devices and or different audiences. 
  • Include excellent CTAs with your videos. Encourage the audience to take a specific step like subscribing to your channel or sharing your videos. 
  • Form an appealing title to spark the interest of the viewers. 

Relevant strategy

What is the ultimate objective of your ad campaign? It could be earning profits or growing your audience base or anything. Form the strategies keeping your objectives in mind. Don’t forget to monitor the performance of the Google ads once they go on air. Things you need to monitor – 

  • Impression – It is the count of every time your ad is displayed.
  • Views – Watching the ad for more than 30 seconds count as a view. 
  • You need to know the average cost per view of your Google Ad.

Real-time insights

What is the way to know about the performance of your google ads? You can make use of YouTube Analytics and get an idea of the type of audience watching your ads and how they are interacting with these advertisements. 

 To sum it up

It is possible to get as many subscribers as you want for your YouTube channel with the help of a Google Ads campaign. You can stick on to your budget and accomplish your goals. So make tweaks in your strategy and get close to your objectives. 


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