AIE (Attract, Interact, Engage) – Key to Become a Successful YouTuber

The definition of success on YouTube is a little different from the offline world. A YouTuber is a successful YouTuber only when his/her channel becomes capable of consistently generating maximum viewers within a short time in every video and getting maximum subscriptions day by day. A YouTuber is a successful YouTuber when his/her channel becomes a brand, the most credible source of useful content, and influences a massive audience. However, becoming a successful YouTuber is actually not a big deal but at the same time, it is not a cakewalk. It is actually a prudent and strategic job.

In 2020, becoming a successful YouTuber is a very challenging task. It needs both hard work and smart work. A YouTuber needs to follow the trends, study the interests of people, and rightly execute the powerful video promotion strategies to reach massive audiences. It needs the efforts in the right direction to increase YouTube subscribers and regular audiences. When a YouTube channel becomes able to generate millions of regular audiences then the owner of the channel comes to the verge of becoming a successful YouTuber.

It is a powerful online platform where creators can only survive when their channels have quality content (interesting, relevant, informational, educational, entertaining, factful) and through their quality content they can attract, engage, and convert millions of viewers into their channel subscribers. So, being a YouTuber, if you are looking forward to becoming a successful YouTuber then you need to focus on increasing your regular viewers & subscribers by publishing qualitative content and engaging your audiences.

Attract, Interact, and Engage the Audiences

The AIE (Attract, Interact, Engage) is the key to increase YouTube subscribers and viewers and subscriptions on your channel. All three are different but act to achieve the same goal. And you know better what the goal is. The permanent audience is the goal that every YouTuber wants to hit as soon as possible. Being a YouTuber, remember one thing, your video content on your channel is everything for you. If you provide relevant, interesting, and engaging videos on your channel then your channel has higher chances of getting more viewers and subscribers but if it is not so, fate is in your hands, it all depends on you and your work. Think out of the box! Think about the content strategies! What content strategies you can effectively use to attract, interact, and engage a massive audience.

Content Strategies to Attract Audiences and Search Engine Crawlers

As a YouTuber, you not only have to attract audiences but you will also have to grab the attention of search engine crawlers. So, you should be prepared with your content strategies to accept these challenges. The main strategies that are very effective and useful to attract both audiences and search engine crawlers are creating eye-catchy and attractive titles, creating interesting thumbnails and writing search engine optimized meta descriptions. So, whenever you publish a video on your channel, make sure about these things.

For creating titles, choose the simple words, keep your titles short and eye-catching, and make them interesting for the audiences. On the other hand, when you create thumbnails for your videos, use the relevant texts, attractive graphics, and pictures as it is great to increase YouTube subscribers as well as build permanent audiences by attracting them. In a real sense, thumbnails are the first thing that audiences notice at first sight when scrolling the videos on YouTube. So, keep them interesting and attractive. You can also use your picture on thumbnails if you can relate it to the topic of the video. For writing the meta descriptions, you should think from the perspectives of search engine optimization techniques. Use the appropriate keywords and make them understandable by search engine crawlers.

For a better understanding of creating eye-catchy titles, thumbnails, and well-written meta descriptions, you should study other channels who post videos on similar topics and niche. This will really help you to create attractive titles, thumbnails, and meta descriptions which further lead your channel to grab the attention of maximum viewers and search engine crawlers.

Content Strategies for Better Interaction

A good interaction makes better engagement and better engagement leads a YouTube channel to grow on a large scale. So, being a passionate YouTuber, focus on improving the interaction between you and your audiences through your qualitative videos. The best way to increase the interaction level is, to be frank, and open to your audience. Share some interesting personal experiences and funny stories with your audiences. This will surely help you to effectively connect your audience. Don’t try to be formal, sometimes it is good to be formal with specific niche channels but audiences often prefer frank behavior of YouTubers. So, it is better, to be frank with your audience.

Apart from your frank behavior, your video content should also be qualitative, interesting, and unique so that you can effectively hit the mind of your audiences. Study your competitors on YouTube and try to make more interesting, qualitative, and effective video content. This surely leads your channel to increase YouTube subscribers and build permanent audiences. So, becoming frank and creating high-quality interesting video content should be your content strategies to enhance the interaction level between you and your audiences.

Content Strategies for Better Engagement

Among all these three tools, engaging audiences is the most challenging task. It all depends on the quality of the videos. The quality of video content leads to better interaction, a better interaction leads to better engagement, and better engagement leads your channel to increase YouTube subscribers, viewers, and grow on a large scale. So, you should focus on improving the quality of your video content. While preparing the content for videos, try to add such interesting points that can help to maintain the interest of viewers and lead to better interaction and engagement. In the end, being a YouTuber, if you become able to engage massive audiences to your video content then it means you are very close to achieving your dream of creating your YouTube channel. Yes! So, sit on a chair, churn for a while, find out what’s going wrong with your channel, and find the ways that can effectively complete AIE. Good Luck!

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