New YouTube Features That Can Be Introduced Anytime This Year

The most interesting fact about YouTube is that it is the 2nd most used site after Google. People upload around 100s of hours on this platform every minute. Another critical point associated with YouTube is that it quickly grabs the viewers’ attention compared to primetime television. You must know how to get views on YouTube for your business channel or you can take professional help as well.

Experts consider YouTube as one of the best tools to communicate with a wide-ranging audience. You can also create your channel, upload videos, and promote YouTube channel for better exposure and results. There are several other reasons why this platform has been so important these days. These include:

  • Because of its powerful branding feature, anyone can promote their business or talent.
  • It can help companies to improve their Search Engine Optimization for the content.
  • It is a great way to communicate with a worldwide audience.

In addition to this, the web and mobile applications for YouTube are constantly improving and making things easy for content creators and users. It is believed that YouTube can introduce some excellent features this year, increasing the excitement among users. Given below are some features that can improve your experience with this platform.

Video On Loop: At present, this feature is only available for desktop users, which lets you see the video in a repeat mode if you want to watch it multiple times. This feature will be helpful for music lovers who wish to listen to a particular song on repeat mode without clicking the song video again and again. Earlier, on the desktop, you can right-click on the video display and choose the loop tab. However, users can see this feature on their Android devices as well. Once it is available, you can loop any video by simply tapping on the three dots on the top of the player and pin the loop option from the list of options.

Easy To Navigate Captions: YouTube lets users watch their favorite part of a video without watching it completely. Since content creators can create different sections of their long videos, users can click on a particular video segment to watch it. Moreover, creators can also include a title for each section to figure out the content present in the specific section. Though this feature is always available for mobile users, most of them didn’t find it friendly. It is expected that to use this feature on your mobile phone from the YouTube application; you will just need to slide your finger and select the section you want to watch without happening to watch the complete video. Such an upgrade will be beneficial for the users and enhance their mobile experience.

Assorted Playlist Creation: There are billions of videos on YouTube and even more. Think about if you have to search every time you feel like watching the same video again and again. There is a feature on YouTube in which you can add your favorite videos to a different playlist. But YouTube is planning to upgrade this feature by creating an intriguing playlist feature. With this unique feature, you can create and share your playlist with your friends, and they can further expand and add their favorite ones to it. As a result, together, you can create a list of fun cat competitions, party mix, and study guides. You can assign a playlist to your friends so that they can add or remove videos from the playlist anytime they want.

Sharing Video Clips: There are several ways in which you can share your favorite video with family and friends on different platforms. Earlier, you had to share a complete video which could be irritating for you and confusing for your friends as they will never be able to guess what you actually want to show or say. However, you can add timestamps to your videos and share them with your friends. This way, they will watch the actual section of the video which you wanted them to see, saving a lot of their time.

Video Snippets: You can share snippets of a video with your friends, which can be 5 seconds to 60 seconds long. You can share video snippets links with your friends, directing them to the section you want them to see. It will play indefinitely on a loop. If you are looking for an answer on how to get subscribers on YouTube, you can use snippets of the video and share them with your audience, which can excite and encourage them to subscribe to you for more updates.  

Sound Effects Library: This feature will excite 3D animators as they need to add sound effects for which either they have to buy sound effects or struggle to find royalty-free music, audio, or effects. With the new YouTube feature, you can easily and quickly add royalty-free audio and music to your creative videos without worrying about copyright issues. With this tool, anyone can access hundreds of sound files using YouTube’s audio library.

YouTube Kid Version: YouTube is focusing on creating a kid-friendly platform. Though they already have a separate application dedicated to kids that don’t contain any inappropriate content, there are still certain loopholes. The kid’s version is simple and easy to navigate, but it doesn’t include any comment section, the address bar, or the playback option. Parents can set up hours in which their children can use the app. Because it is free to use, that’s why it incorporates advertisements. However, YouTube has ensured strict guidelines about promotions.


We can conclude that YouTube aims to engage young content creators and offers them opportunities to share their skills and talent with their target audience in a better way. They have already announced that they will soon provide a new feature dedicated to content creators and influencers.

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