Ways To Leverage The Three Aspects Of YouTube!

Organizations that use YouTube as their content hosting platform often overlook some of the prudent aspects of YouTube as they relate it to video content marketing. However, the best way to avoid these problems is by considering YouTube as one thing inclusive of three aspects – The YouTube trinity.

The YouTube trinity has three aspects, and organizations should never overlook these aspects, especially when it comes to content marketing strategy. These three considerable aspects are-

  • It is a video streaming platform.
  • It is a social network.
  • It is the second largest search engine.

YouTube: Video Host and Streaming Platform

  • When it comes to hosting the video, the first and foremost platform that comes to our mind is YouTube. But have you ever thought about how these platforms carry out hosting? There are large video files to upload, and for their efficient streaming, it requires a constructive algorithm. However, Google has put the cost for successfully streaming and hosting high-quality, large video files. Before that, there were upsides in terms of video control. Although, for the best hosting, people used to pay for premium versions.
  • Although, it is easy to include this aspect from YouTube’s personality in your strategy and tactical approaches. Since Google acquired YouTube, the focus has shifted towards making this platform efficient in hosting and streaming video files, and for that, Google has invested loads of money. This means we should stop worrying about other things and let the hosting platform do what it does the best, such as making the content valuable to reach the masses and strategically analyzing the content, i.e., allowing the platform to advertise your YouTube channel.
  • For approaching the hosting aspect of YouTube, the primary objective for any organization should be to get aware of the needs of your video content. For example, suppose your video content consists of a large volume of long video files that do not necessarily require much interaction and sharing. In that case, there is no point in adding CTA, tracking video ROI, and standard streaming. It will be beneficial for those organizations that don’t want to see themselves surrounded by random videos.

We all know that YouTube dominates the market share. This fact has an impact on the other two aspects of YouTube.

YouTube: A Social Network

  • The potential reason for YouTube to dominate the video hosting markets has more engagements with its social side than the technical ones. The fact is that YouTubers have a unique community that gives impetus to YouTube’s dominance in the marketplace.
  • However, if you are a novice to YouTube functioning, navigating those communities can be challenging for you. Hence, other than hosting and streaming, it is crucial to consider this aspect as well.

The YouTube Communities

  • We often administer abusive comments and trolls on our YouTube videos, and there are times when we do not know how to deal with these comments. However, the YouTube community still thrives there to check upon such comments.
  • The YouTube community is related to your content marketing, and hence, you need to opt for another strategy to deal with the community aspect of YouTube. Furthermore, opting for such a strategy makes you mindful of your community. You must be sensible of what is appropriate for your community in your YouTube space.
  • Many organizations enable their comment section while some do not. Nonetheless, the drill is, if you leave your comment section enabled, treat every comment and trolls appropriately. Meanwhile, it is advisable not to feed any trolls as it can potentially portray your negative image.

YouTube: The 2nd Largest Search Engine

  • The third aspect of YouTube gives you a compelling reason to keep your video content associated with YouTube only. That third aspect is – YouTube is ostensibly the second largest search engine in the world.
  • This aspect is perhaps the most important for organizations to consider for healthy video content marketing strategies. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine globally, and this has grown over time because of the video-centric young generation users.
  • Furthermore, Google knows that people are using youtube for searching solutions for their problems. It has made Primary Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) make surrounding data available for people quickly. For example, with the help of Google Trends, you can filter your data around your keyword search.
  • When people find your website with a particular keyword, and as per the standard user behavior, the first page more likely drives the traffic to that page, and thus, your additional pages will go unexplored.
  • But YouTube provides an option called Autoplay. Autoplay is an exquisite tool, which in a given time automatically redirects the user to the other browser once the video is complete. This tool is also the answer to the “how to get subscribers on youtube” question. This tool provides a noble opportunity for any YouTube channel to get in front of its audience, especially that does not have you on their radar.

These three aspects of YouTube help you make your video optimized for YouTube-powered search. What more, you simultaneously develop your chance of getting into the viewer’s playlist. If you keep making the videos considering all three aspects, you would eventually develop a healthy content market strategy.

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