Reply To YouTube Comments With Shorts: A Guide!

Interacting with your audience is one of the best ways to gain their trust in your business/brand. That’s why a business uses social media channels to grow. Videos and shorts on YouTube are one of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays. For those who don’t know, as per a YouTube blog, YouTube shorts help you generate about 30 billion views per day. It is also one of the most effective ways to engage with your viewers and gain their trust. Many YouTubers do this daily.

Also, many business owners wanted to know how to get ads on YouTube. The answer is YouTube shorts. You might think of the same old text replies when we talk about replying to your YouTube comments. Well, these replies are important, but nowadays, there might be better ideas than text replies. You can do it in a trending way with YouTube shorts! It is known as the best way to engage with your audience. Do you also want to know how to reply to YouTube comments with shorts? Here is a guide to help you!

How To Respond With YouTube Shorts?

In September 2022, YouTube made this function official. The majority of iOS users will gain access by October 2022. In the future, YouTube intends to make the capability available to Android users. With the help of YouTube shorts, YouTubers can promote user comments on recently produced shorts. Creators can now respond to a comment with this short video rather than written comments. The original comment is instantly highlighted in a sticker in the new short. Now you can create a new short video with the comments in long or short video form. This means that now you have more content for your YouTube channel.

Open a video from your YouTube channel in the YouTube app. Now start writing a response to a comment. By selecting Your Videos under the Library menu, you may get to them fast. Select a video with comments, and then tap to view it. Then click the comment icon to access the video’s comments. Tap the comment if you find an excellent question or a unique idea for your channel. 

Your screen will automatically display a reply pop-up. Tap on the Shorts symbol to the right of the text composer to respond instead of typing. YouTube will automatically start the cycle for creating Shorts. You can now start working on your quick video response. You will notice that YouTube automatically inserts a remark sticker into the clip. You can also move it during the editing process. This is how you can create exciting comments for your users and answer them with a catchy video.

6 Tips To Reply YouTube Comments With Shorts!

Now that you know how to reply to YouTube comments with shorts, we want to tell you some important things. Make sure you do these things before responding to your YouTube comments with shorts.

  • Provide More Information & Answer The Questions:

Make sure that you are providing complete information in your comment reply. This will give your audience some more insight into your business. Try to answer the question completely and avoid providing incomplete replies.

  • Don’t Forget To Give Credit:

If you are basing the short video on a previous one, credit it correctly. Many people pass off videos as their own when they do not credit them.

  • Discuss Common Topics:

It is important to discuss themes that your audience has in common with you. This will encourage your viewers to respond to your comment. You can also discuss current events, trending topics, or even the most difficult things in life with them.

  • Give Precise Answers:

It is a good idea to give exact answers to any questions that your viewers ask. Find out what information they want and provide it for them so that they don’t need to look for it themselves.

  • Tag Or Mention Commenters:

When you reply to YouTube comments with shorts, mention the person who commented. This is one way to remind them that they are important and matter to your channel.

  • Start a Community Conversation:

The interaction can continue after the quick video response you produce. Instead, you should inspire your audience to produce more content using your shorts. Any user can reuse your audio or video and carry on the chat by tapping the Audio, Green Screen, and Cut buttons in the lower-right corner of your shorts.


As you can see, replying to YouTube comments with shorts is an easy way to engage with your audience. How to get subscribers on YouTube? Try the YouTube shorts comment. You have to make sure that your comments are on point. Finally, you must remember that it is important to learn from the experience when you reply to YouTube comments with shorts.

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