Starting A YouTube Channel? Here Is How To Get The First 100 Subscribers

Are you new to youtube channel creation? Do you want to learn the art of acquiring the first 100 subscribers on your youtube channel? If yes, welcome to the right place. 

This article will show you the path of getting your first 100 subscribers, and if you already have more than that, you can acquire more with the tips mentioned below. Keep reading to know these tips and satisfy your intellect.  

Find Your Niche 

Many new creators just create random videos without having any particular niche. But this doesn’t attract the audience. Individuals always have an urge to learn what they will get after subscribing to the channel. 

Therefore, keep the target audience in mind and plan the content well. It is necessary to do some research on the trending content types. For instance – You can decide to make videos on cooking, lifestyle, comedy, travel, or anything you want. Hence, deciding the niche is the first step to spark the interest in the viewers.

Channel Trailer

Wondering how to get the first 100 subscribers on your channel? Now, you don’t need to worry. Ensure to have an amazing channel trailer of your channel. Trailers are one of the excellent ways to turn viewers into subscribers. It helps them know what the channel is all about. 

Upload a trailer video. It will automatically play for the audience who are yet to subscribe to your channel. Ensure to keep the trailer less than 60 seconds, start it with the tagline of your channel and promote your best video content in it.

Usage Of Keywords In Video Titles 

The key to video advertising is your presentation skills starting from the video, thumbnail to its title. Title forms an important part of the video performance and gaining subscribers. So, how can you go with writing clickable youtube titles? 

Firstly, add keywords in the title. One easy way to find the keywords is to type the things in the youtube search box and see the results. It will give you an idea of which keywords to use. Try to use the keywords at the beginning of the title. The reason is – youtube only reveals the first 45 characters of the title in the search bar. Also, capitalize the first alphabet of every word, put one word in the upper case, and use any number within the title. 

Captivate Your Audience With Video Ads

Youtube video advertising has taken the world by storm. With its help, you can be specific about what you want the people to do. For instance – Do people want to see your products and know your brand? Do you want people to watch more videos to build brand awareness? Undoubtedly, youtube video advertising will make you justify how to get people into action. Select your target audience of video ads on the basis of location, interest, and more. In this way, the video will be more powerful in establishing one-to-one communication with potential customers. 

Moreover, linking the google ad account with the youtube channel will make you access additional performance statistics. And with the help of the Google Analytics tool, you will understand who is watching your ads and how the interaction is taking place. 

Embed Your Videos In The Blog Posts

Embedding the videos in the blog posts helps gain subscribers from the blog traffic. Notably, written content, including video, performs better when it comes to SEO. It ranks higher on the search engine results page. This takes the organic traffic a notch higher. Videos are the ultimate way to enhance the user engagement that leads to augment the views and subscribers. 

To get started with this, click on the “share” button on your video and copy the embed link into your blog. Soon you will get the desired results. 

Reply To Comments

The easiest way to get more subscribers is to reply to as many comments as possible. Even youtube believes in replying to comments to get more subscribers. It says that when creators take out their precious time and interact with the audience, it enhances the participation of the people, leading to a larger fanbase. 

This strategy works most of the time because millions of youtube creators never take a step to reply to the comments. And if you do, this will definitely set you apart from your competitors. 

Channel Tagline

Channel taglines give viewers the idea of what type of content you produce. New creators often turn a blind eye to taglines, thereby missing the odds of acquiring more subscribers. 

To create a catchy tagline, identify the USP of your channel, make it different from the other channels in the same niche, put the tagline in the channel art, and say it in the channel trailer as well. 

Track Youtube Analytics

You may be surprised to know that youtube gives you access to track the free analytics. With its ease, analyze the audience retention graphs to come to know the preferences of your target audience. The longer the time people spend watching your videos, the better it is. But if the viewers are continuously leaving the videos in between, you need to pay attention. The possible reason for it could be that the introduction or video is too long, or there could be other reasons. 

Youtube analytics also gives you insights into how you got your first set of subscribers. And if you want to know how to get subscribers on youtube, you should pay attention to the steps as discussed above. 

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