YouTube Turns On Post-Roll Ads By Default For All Monetized Videos

YouTube, one of the biggest video-sharing platforms has made a recent announcement. They have activated post-roll ads by default for all videos that are eligible for running ads. YouTube instructs creators of this transformation in the first news update of the year on its Creator Insider channel. One of their members has revealed that any video above 10-minute duration will have automatically post-roll ads turned on by default. It is for all monetizing creators. A “monetizing” creator is the YouTube creator or channel owner who has applied for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and their request has been accepted into it.

Those creators who belong to the YPP are eligible to put ads on their videos and can earn a portion of the total income depending upon the number of views that ads have gained. YouTube advertisement platform gives three primary advertisement choices to the creators to advertise YouTube channel and to get ads on your channel. These include:

Pre-roll ads
Mid-roll ads
Post-roll ads

When a creator publishes a video with a minimum of 10 minutes duration, creators have a choice to pick and run any combination of these types of ads. It is absolutely optional to advertise on your video, but still, it is important to know all types of advertisements (pre-, mid-, and post-roll) that are going to turn on by default. This simply means that if you are not thoughtful enough, you might be missing a lot of opportunities as you just wind up posting a video. There is a probability that your video may contain way more advertising than you have actually planned.

On the other hand, every creator must consider that even though post-roll ads have been turned on by default, but it is not a permanent option. You can turn them off whenever you want. Untick the suitable box and you can turn off post-roll ads while uploading the video. However, you can do the same for your existing videos. Simply go to the monetization tab and turn off post-roll ads.

Specifications and Best Practices of Post-Roll Ads

When we talk about online advertising specifically, post-roll ads are in fact an offbeat and unusual element. These ad types are limited to YouTube and Snapchat only as of now. That’s why they are unsurprisingly less common as compared to other ad types – pre-roll and mid-roll ads. Post-roll ads have specifications just like any other ad type. However, they can last anywhere between 12 seconds to 3 minutes. But as per the nature of these ads, they are the ads type that is the most skippable of all. For that reason, it is suggested to make use of shorter duration post-roll ads.

You cannot expect your audiences to sit tight for long when they have finished watching the video they have come to see in the first place. That’s why it would not be sensible advice for advertisers to use pre-roll and mid-roll ads again as post-roll ads. Moreover, users have short attention spans these days. Therefore, it is the job of advertisers to find out a way to get their message across without taking too much time as viewers won’t sit for more than a few seconds to watch your ads. In addition to this, it would be beneficial to get the most out of the biggest advantages of post-roll ads, i.e., the ability to click through to a website link.

Last of all, make sure you pay attention to the ad’s length and keep them as short as possible. Generate a sense of perseverance, and inspire users to click with a compelling CTA. Try to make your ads as engaging as possible. This is the only way to make the viewers want to stick around and know more. You must create ads that are unique, enlightening, engaging, and are easy to digest. They must not consume too much time. Make sure you keep these useful tips in mind before you set yourself to go.

Taking Professional Help For Advertising On YouTube

If you think you can’t handle it by yourself and you are unable to understand the new post-roll ad concept, then you must hire a YouTube advertising company to avoid any confusion. They will check the existing status of your company and suggest you apply for the YPP if you are eligible. If you have already applied and your request has been approved, they will tell you the next step to follow.

Hiring a professional is also necessary as there are certain risks involved with post-roll ads. These could be fatiguing for your audience if you choose to have them along with mid-roll and pre-roll ads. Having a video full of ads could be too much and out of the viewers’ limit. So, act sensibility while using ads. When you have professionals by your side, they will go through these ads type and your channel details deeply and then decide what is right for you and whatnot. You cannot simply leave it in the hands of viewers to decide whether if it’s too much advertising or not as they can get irritated. It can also affect your channel performance and video views. Think wise and act smart!

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