Tricks And Hacks To Optimize Your YouTube Video Content

Youtube has become one of the largest search engines across the globe. And if you are looking to make your video content discovered by millions of people, it is the right platform. But simply uploading the video does not give you the desired results. You have to put in some effort to rank your video at the top of the search engine. Wondering how to get views on youtube and how to optimize the video content? Here we have come up with the best practices that will help you in the optimization of your Youtube videos. Let’s get started. 

Post More Than Once A Week

It has been found that Youtube channels that post the videos multiple times a week perform better and get more views. If you have time, consider posting the videos three or more than three times a week. It is especially advisable if you are just beginning your YouTube journey. It helps build an audience. 

Posting regularly or keeping a consistent schedule is effective in raising the algorithm of your channel. Moreover, you can also think of creating a content library to garner attention from the audience and thereby boosting the watch time.  

Begin The Videos With An Interesting Hook 

It is very important to hook the audience till the end of the video. So, if your video is about showing some kind of project, show first what the end results look like. Showing the results initially in the video makes people more interested in it. It is highly recommended for DIY videos. For example – If your video is about easy hairstyles, show the images of the end results of the hairstyles before diving into explaining how to create those hairstyles. 

Personal stories are yet another way to generate interest among the viewers. Make sure that you are opening the video with lines that relate directly to the topic or subject matter. Viewers click your videos because the title of the video interests them. So going off track or not getting into the subject quickly might take them out of the video.

However, you can intrigue the audience with an off-track story and then quickly connect it to the topic. This tactic is suitable and works best for those people who already have a larger audience. 

Short Titles And Short Opening Credits 

A long title or credit sequence at the beginning of the video have a high probability of making people lose their interest in the start of the video itself. Thus, make credits and opening titles short and crisp. It should not be longer than five seconds. 

Design Creative Thumbnails And Test Them 

Thumbnails count as one of the keys to making or breaking your videos’ success. It is due to the suggested videos, as these videos are the leading source of creating organic traffic on YouTube. Your video thumbnail should stand out from the rest when it is being suggested to the audience on the right sidebar. If someone clicks on your video, its clickability rate will enhance. Design the thumbnails relevant to the title. 

After designing the thumbnail, it is time to test it. You can test the thumbnails using Google AdWords. It will also help you to run ads on Youtube. Wondering how to get ads on your YouTube videos? You might face difficulty in using Google Adwords. Thus, you can take assistance from various platforms that not only help in increasing views on your youtube videos but also help generate the YouTube ads. 

Go Live

Going live is a reasonable way to present your content in front of the audience. It drives engagement because you directly communicate with your viewers, and it has long watch times. 

Develop your videos as a series – Binge watching is the best way to increase the watch time of your videos. Your ultimate goal is to attract the viewers so that they can seamlessly go from one video to the next. And the best way to attract them is to make the playlists of your videos. Thus, make a playlist of the content that has performed well. 

To Sum It Up

The above-mentioned tricks are enough to optimize the content of your YouTube videos. And if you are a beginner or still facing difficulty in managing your YouTube kingdom, you need not worry. 

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