YouTube Advertising- Promote Your Videos to Reach Your Potential Audience

Every day, over 7,20,000 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. And this number is rapidly increasing day by day. With this much traffic of videos on YouTube, the competition has become tougher. Now, it’s no longer a cakewalk to rank your videos on the top of the YouTube results unlike earlier.

As a YouTuber, if you ask us how to promote my YouTube channel and crack this competition, we would suggest you put in extra effort and do smart work. There are many options you can use to crack the competition over YouTube and reach your potential audience. Those options mainly include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Link Building with Other YouTube Channels, and Advertising. These all options are very effective and result-oriented.

If we talk about Search Engine Optimization, it is a must for every YouTube channel. It is so because SEO is what optimizes a YouTube channel and its videos for search engine crawlers with the implementation of different SEO techniques. It tells YouTube what your videos are about, what quality they have, and what audience you are targeting. So, you cannot ignore this.

While the rest options are optional. You can use them when you think they are the need of the hour for enhancing your channel’s performance. Social media marketing and link building are what you can do very easily. You do not need to put in much effort to utilize these options. But yes, when it comes to advertising, you need to put in extra effort and do smart work as well.

In this piece of writing, we would specifically discuss YouTube Advertising, its features & benefits, and learn how to advertise a YouTube channel with this.

YouTube Advertising- Features and Benefits

YouTube advertising is a part of Google Ads. It allows you to advertise your YouTube channel through YouTube videos. Here are some of the top features and benefits of YouTube advertising.

Broaden Your Reach

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest online platform after Google. It provides a broader reach to everyone whether it is a user or a creator. As a YouTuber, it provides you an opportunity to reach a large number of audiences over the internet. With YouTube ads, you advertise your channel and broaden your audience reach.

Connect The People Who Matter the Most For You

YouTube ads strategically target your audience with the help of keywords. It helps you connect with those people who matter the most to you and who are interested to watch your video content. If you have any doubt about your potential audience, you can use With Find My Audience feature. With this, it is easy to understand what are your most valuable audiences and what are their interests and their habits.

Build Recognition and Credibility

YouTube ads display your channel repeatedly through those channels that have high-volume traffic on their videos. This act increases the visibility of your channel and leaves a long-lasting impression in audiences’ minds. And that’s how people start knowing about your channel and its content. If you attract them with your advertisement, they will visit your channel to watch your videos. And if they like your content, they will watch your videos again and again. That’s how you will be able to build your channel’s recognition and credibility with YouTube ads.

Only Pay When They Watch Your Video Ad

This is one of the biggest advantages of YouTube advertising. You need not pay for running your video ad on YouTube rather you need only pay when they watch your video ad at least for 30 seconds or click on it. With this YouTube advertising policy, your investment will surely not go in vain.

Track Your Ad Performance

This is another biggest advantage of YouTube ads. In your Google Ads admin panel, you can easily track your video ad’s real-time performance. You can know how people are responding to your ad and are they really interested to watch your videos. This allows you to make improvements and adjustments in your video ad.

Get Support

YouTube provides support if you are facing any issues with your video ad campaign. You can contact Google Ads support or drop an email to them explaining all about the issue you are facing. They will resolve your query as soon as possible.

How to Advertise Your Channel on Youtube?

You can advertise your channel on YouTube by following the below-mentioned steps. Let’s take a look.

Step.1- Create Your Video Ad

Firstly, you need to create a video advertisement. For this, you can either select a video from your channel or you can create a trailer of your channel, whatever you prefer. But while creating your video ad, make sure it is interesting, attractive, and engaging so that people can easily connect to you.

Step.2- Choose Your Audience

Secondly, you need to select your potential audience on the basis of locations, genders, interests, habits, education, and purchasing capability. This will help you send quality traffic to your YouTube channel.

Step.3- Set Your Budget

Lastly, you need to determine how much money you want to spend on advertising your channel through YouTube advertising. It all depends on you. But, yes there is a minimum investment to run a YouTube ad and you have to pay at least that amount.

So, by following these three steps, you can advertise and promote your YouTube channel and send the highest-quality audiences on your channel. That’s how you can rank your videos, increase your YouTube views, and increase your channel’s subscribers as well.

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