Ultimate Strategies To Boost YouTube Views in 2023

People say YouTube will be highly saturated in 2023, and that’s true to some extent. Though, let’s not forget that with the rising number of creators, there’s also a rising number of viewers. With such a diverse and unique viewer base, there’s enough for every creator out there. It’s just the game of finding out the right ways to set yourself apart and learn how to get YouTube views using the strategies we have discussed today.


Why Do YouTube Views Matter So Much?

As of 2020, over 96% of individuals reported watching more internet-based videos, with 90% of those watching expressing interest in seeing more branded content. This simple line is more than enough for businesses to be heavily reliant on videos as a source of promotion. 

It’s a little sad to admit, but let’s get the record straight: we live in a world where numbers and social proof are a real damn thing! You can’t escape it, and if you want to establish yourself as a brand, you do have to be number focused in the initial times at the very least. 

Remember, whenever somebody lands on a YouTube video, more or fewer views are among the first few factors they notice. If there’s a video with a good number of views, it’s bound to raise curiosity in the mind of a new viewer. So, right from business to an individual, views matter and open the doors to further opportunities. 

Learn How To Get Youtube Views with Vrocket’s Tried & Tested Tips

If all this while you have been struggling to boost your views, it’s time to check out Vrocket’s Tried and tested tips, which will teach you how to get YouTube views in 2023 without wasting much of your time.

Make Content Strong

It doesn’t matter how many shortcuts, tips, or hacks you play around with, as until and unless your content is strong, there’s nothing much that’s going to happen. Simply speaking, content is the king and building block of your channel. If that’s not good and compelling, we are sorry to say, but nothing of the upcoming tips will work out for you. 

Spend some time trying to figure out how to make your content more attractive. If you feel your content has all the right material to sustain the viewers, you can proceed following the other tips. 

Ask Viewers To Engage with Videos

YouTube is quite a unique platform in itself! It’s true that once you create compelling content, your viewers will start interacting with your videos. This actually automatically comes off as a byproduct! Though, you also have to include a call to action (CTA) as that serves as a reminder to your audience.

For instance, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel once at the end and, if possible, at the very start. Also, don’t forget to make them click the notification bell just so that they are notified whenever you upload any video. This way, the audience coming back to your channel and giving you views on the latest uploads increases easily.

Don’t Hesitate Checking Out YouTube Video Advertising 

There are a number of common misconceptions about YouTube video advertising that cause users to avoid it. As a first point, many people believe that all they need is organic advertising to see results on YouTube. Despite being beneficial, organic strategies don’t always yield the kind of exposure and engagement one would like. Video advertisements on YouTube give your campaign an extra push by exposing it to greater potential visitors.

YouTube video ads may seem out of reach to others because they believe just huge corporations with sizable budgets for advertising can afford them. Yet YouTube’s many spending options—from cost-per-view to cost-per-click—meet the needs of advertisers of varying means. Spending even a small amount on YouTube video advertising can pay off in the form of greater exposure, interaction, and prospective sales.

Create Separate Playlists For Loop Viewing

Playlists are a great way to organize your content as per your liking, and most importantly, it makes it easy for viewers to locate specific content. Though other than that, creating playlists is ultimately a solid mechanism for you to get your audience hooked to their screens. It creates a more cohesive environment for your audience by organizing videos into playlists based on common themes or ongoing topics. 

As a result of the above, they are more likely to remain subscribed to the YouTube channel for an extended period of time, which in turn means a greater number of views. The auto-playback feature of the playlists gets your audience into a binge-watching habit, making them less likely to quit your channel. Other than that, the playlists even help search engine rankings as the keywords can be integrated into their titles and descriptions. 

Make Use of YouTube End Screens & Cards

YouTube end screens are typically the last few seconds of a video that typically wrap it up and include interactive elements. It’s a great place to have more relevant and similar kinds of videos, serving as a call-to-action for the viewers to continue exploring the channel. On the other hand, cards are also clickable, interactive elements that can include clicks to other videos, polls, external links, etc. 

If one learns the art of properly integrating the cards, one can tempt users to continue exploring the channel. For instance, a video of Fitness can include a card promoting another fitness playlist on the same channel. That way, there are high chances for the viewer to click on that and continue giving further watch time. Also, remember not to overdo it as that way, it can look quite forced and unnatural. Experiment a little and see how many would seem fine for the kind of videos that you make.

Leverage Other Social Media Portals 

Remember that not everybody is on YouTube, or even if they are, there can be instances where your videos may not be pushing up to them. So, how do you go on about reaching their feed? Well, simply by being out there on every major social media platform. Does this seem like a lot of work? In the start, you may feel so, but give it a few days, and you shall build up the habit of posting updates about your new videos on every portal out there.

It’s important to customize your video updates for each social media channel. In fact, you can get a lot more creative as per the allowances of the respective platforms. For instance, you can post a few reel snippets from your longer video on Instagram. This way, the Instagram audience will head to the YouTube link if the snippets get them compelled.

Throw Giveaways & Contests

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Well, surely everybody does as much as we know! Start by hosting some cool giveaways and contests that not only attract the new audience but even build up that rush of playing it. Remember never to hold fake giveaways, as that may seem like a quick move to gain traction in the short run, but it will bite you back in the long term.

Many influencers who have been found hosting fake giveaways have instantly lost all the credibility they have accumulated over the years. Also, it’s important to realize that freebies and all are extra ways to promote for better reach and can never take the place of the core: Content. So, remember to strike the right balance!

Stay Updated on Trends

Hoping up on the trends from a business perspective is a great move. Catching up with a trend increases your chances of hitting up more views and even gets the creative juices flowing. It’s not always easy to integrate every trend into the kind of content you make. Also, not every trend that pops up is made for your channel!

Trends do give an instant boost and recognition, but more importantly, it’s even important to keep your artistic side satisfied. The world of trends is very short-lived, and that’s why side by side, it’s essential to work even on evergreen content. That way, you will have a perfect balance on your channel! 

Do Live Streams

Live Streams are not exactly the new feature of the YouTube industry, but it’s been catching up a lot since the Covid times. If you are great at being spontaneous and can keep an audience hooked for hours, then live streams are a thing for you. 

It’s important to realize the vast difference between regular videos and live streams. As somebody new to it, you may feel it’s not much different, but as you go along, you understand it isn’t as easy as it was always thought to be. You get better at Live Streams with time, but the good news is that YouTube has been pushing this feature a lot lately! 

Work Under a Promotional Agency

If you have been excelling at all the above tips and have even started witnessing growth, then why not take a leap ahead? These days, fields like YouTube are a lot harder to crack as there are no entry and exit points. If you work under a good promotion agency, you can expect the growth to accelerate much faster. 

A decently reputed promotional agency would carefully work alongside you, understanding your channel and going for ways to promote it far and wide. Of course, this would cost a significant investment, but it will all be worth it if you are going with a good agency. 

At last,

We hope the above strategies would have helped you learn how to get YouTube views in this ever-growing rise of creators. Just follow the tips, and be consistent with your approach. If all works well in your favor, you will soon be among the top creators of your niche. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well, to turn that into reality, go ahead and start working!

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