What Are The Genuine Ways To Get Youtube Views For Free?

To make money on YouTube, you must reach subscriber milestones. One must have at least 1,000 subscribers to become a YouTube Partner and begin earning ad revenue. It is believed to climb up the “benefit level” ladder on YouTube.So are you searching for how to get views on youtube through YouTube branding and video marketing rather than making money? You’re still in need of subscribers. They increase your play count, watch time, and engagement, which are necessary signals to the YouTube algorithm.

Learn how to get people to click the Subscribers button.

If you are just starting to be on youtube, check out our guide to starting a YouTube channel.

The best practices for converting viewers into subscribers are listed in order of difficulty. Don’t opt for all the suggestions at once. Try one of these suggestions for each new video you publish or implement one or two per week and get free real YouTube subscribers using legitimate strategies.

  1. Request that your viewers subscribe: It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Do you feel embarrassed asking for a subscription frequently? It is good to remind people at the end of the video.
  2. Conclude your video by hinting at what you’re working on next: Subscribing to a YouTube channel is an act of anticipation. If the job is done correctly viewers who have only seen what your brand is about are bound to want more. The quick way to encourage subscribers is to push your next video and clarify why one should not miss it. Of course, having a good handle on your YouTube content schedule and knowing what’s coming up is required. (More on that later.)
  3. Engage your audience and make new friends (a.k.a. build community)

React to comments. Return to their channels. A comment by a famous YouTuber on your video is exciting, but who knows who will be prominent next year? Form like-minded YouTubers and promote one another. (We are referring to the shine theory.)Furthermore, once connected, your audience will provide many free content ideas for your next video.

  1. Establish effective channel branding: Channel branding is essential for letting the viewers know who you are and what are your intents for producing videos.
  • Banner design: Your YouTube banner greets everyone who visits your channel. Perhaps they are a potential subscriber. Your banner should be clean, on-brand, compelling, and, most importantly, optimized for all devices. For example, you don’t want your social media buttons to obscure important information.
  • Icon of the channel: Your channel icon is your logo on YouTube. It appears on your YouTube channel page and anywhere you comment. It must represent you and your brand and is easy to identify, even at a small size.
  • Description of the channel: This text appears on the About page of your YouTube channel. You have a limit of up to 1,000 characters to describe your channel and convince viewers to subscribe. 
  • Custom URL: Your default channel URL will appear as follows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmt45UKB332UWtJAgErYtyk. This isn’t ideal. Change it by using a custom URL. Choose Customization from the left menu in YouTube Studio, click Basic Info and scroll down to Channel URL. You can modify your URL to look like this: https://www.youtube.com/t/your channel name.

The catch is that you must have at least 100 subscribers before you can request a custom URL. If you haven’t already, put this at the top of your to-do list for when you reach your first subscriber milestone.

  1. Include a personalized channel trailer: You can show one video to existing subscribers and another to non-subscribed viewers.
  2. Customize your video thumbnails: A thumbnail is a 1280 x 720px still image that serves as the video’s cover. Consider it a miniature movie poster. It’s your first and best chance to entice someone to watch your video. 

Strive for consistent branding across all of your thumbnails. Use the same color palette, font, or frame composition to let people know they’re watching a video that belongs to your channel. This is how to promote video on youtube can be done by adding thumbnails.

  1. Strategically display your content on your channel page: You can add up to 12 sections to your channel homepage from the layout tab in YouTube Studio. Adding sections to the homepage promotes your best videos by keeping them in front so new visitors see your best work as they consider whether to subscribe.

You can also use sections to display the playlists you created in the previous tip. Use playlists that are specifically targeted to different viewer need to highlight the extensive value you provide right away.

One can also get the help of professionals to enhance your channel views.

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