YouTube Video Ads – The Powerful Medium to Influence User’s Decisions

No doubt, YouTube is the second best online platform offering a bundle of learning, earning, branding, and marketing opportunities to everyone. Recently, it has overtaken Mark Jukerberg’s Facebook by crossing a larger number of regular Facebook visitors. According to recently disclosed data, YouTube has over a billion regular users, that’s almost one-third of the internet users across the world. Secondly, YouTube has the record-breaking watching hours, it is watched billions of hours a day, that’s absolutely the second largest number after Google.

Millions of creators on YouTube create their channels for different purposes. Some create to enhance their passion, skills, and art while some create for business branding, marketing, and promotion purposes. There are also millions of creators across the world who only create their YouTube channel for fun and entertainment while on the other hand, some create their YouTube channel only for earning extra income. However, everyone does not reach their goals of creating a YouTube channel as promotion is a very challenging task. However, there are several outstanding YouTube video promotion ways through which creators can grow their YouTube channels such as SEO, YouTube video advertising, Google, and social media ads.

YouTube – A High-Competitive Platform

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy and simple and can be done by anyone who can afford a smartphone and a stable internet connection. But the main thing is promoting your channel for higher ranking and this is really a very challenging task. Don’t think that you are only one who is making videos on a particular niche as there are so many creators like you on YouTube who are making their videos on the same niche you chose for your channel. And this may be possible that they are making more organized user-friendly and search-engine friendly videos than your videos. This is why YouTube is a very competitive platform where millions of competitors exist to give you a tough competition if you are a creator on YouTube. Hence, you need to do something exceptional to promote your channel on a large scale so that your channel can be ranked higher and your channel can reach the maximum viewers.

Ways to Promote YouTube Channel on a Large Scale

Using several outstanding YouTube video promotion ways, you can easily promote your channel on a large scale. Mainly, there are two video promotion ways on YouTube that are paid and unpaid ways. The free YouTube video promotion ways include search engine optimization, high quality of video content, use of outstanding call-to-action features, use of social media accounts, relevant and catchy thumbnails, and titles. On the other hand, paid YouTube promotion ways to include YouTube advertising, Google ads, and social media ads. All paid and unpaid ways are very effective to promote your channel on a large scale. By using these ways, you can increasingly get amazing results. Let’s talk about YouTube video advertising, how it is one of the most powerful mediums to promote your channel, and how to advertise through using YouTube advertising.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is a powerful medium to advertise and promote your YouTube videos on a large scale as well as it is one of the best ways to influence the users’ decisions. It is the perfect way to brand your channel, reach the maximum users, increase YouTube subscribers and viewers, leave a strong impact on viewers, and let your channel reach the top of the YouTube search results. So, if you are looking to promote your channel on a larger scale then you should look for YouTube video advertising. This will help you to boost your channel ranking, regular viewers, and subscribers.

YouTube advertising is done through Google ads. For this, it is mandatory to have a Google AdWord account so that you can get started to advertise your YouTube channel. Before getting started with your advertising campaigns on Google ads, you need to select a particular format of YouTube ads from TrueView ads, Non-skippable InStream ads, Bumper InStream ads, Sponsored card ads, Overlay ads, and Display ads. These are specified ad formats having specific characteristics such as non-skippable ads cannot be skipped and are from 10 seconds long to 20-second long video ads and bumper ads are the shortest YouTube video ads.

How to Advertise and Promote Through YouTube Video Advertising?

YouTube video advertising can be used for so many different purposes like to build channel brand awareness and brand loyalty, influence users’ decisions, increase YouTube subscribers and viewers, and get higher ranking on the search result page of YouTube. So, you wish to know how to advertise on YouTube then should ask yourself what the purpose is? Once you get the answer, you can get started to create your advertising campaigns accordingly. You should follow the following pattern:

Create a YouTube Brand

If you are focused to create your channel brand then you need to accordingly create your ad campaigns. In your ad, effectively introduce your channel describing what your channel specializes and what your channel focuses on to provide to your users. Target those people who are your potential viewers so that you can make the most out of your video ad. This is the best way when you are focused to create your YouTube brand.

Influence Users Decisions

Influence users’ decisions refer to making them do whatever you want from them such as watching your videos, giving likes and comments, and subscribing to your channel. If you are focused on this aspect then you should offer the qualitative video content on your video ad that effectively appeals viewers to do some specific action. In these ads, your priority should influence the viewers’ minds so that they can redirect to your YouTube channel.

So, when creating your ad campaigns on Google ads, you should create relevant ad content based on your purpose. This will lead your channel to increase YouTube subscribers and viewers, get maximum reach, rank higher on search result pages of YouTube, and build your YouTube channel brand.

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