7 Mistakes That Can Drown Your YouTube Channel’s Success Story!

YouTube has witnessed a phenomenal growth rate in the last decade. Its monopoly as a video platform is unmatched. It is convenient to use, and one can make money.

All you must know is how to increase YouTube viewership and monetize your channel. However, it’s not that easy. Thanks to the digital competition and our reduced attention span. While content is one thing, many other factors determine your success.

For example, you need to follow a theme and add tags or keywords in the descriptions to get maximum YouTube views

Everything has to work together to make things work out smoothly for you. But have you ever thought about the mistakes that most creators make with their channels?

If yes, this blog is a must-read for you. We have compiled a list of common mistakes you may make as a YouTuber. Read them below–

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Thinking YouTube Success is Instant Noodles

Everyone loves a good bowl of noodles. However, even they take a few minutes to cook well. In other words, YouTube’s success has no quick fix. You may have started the channel thinking it takes only 2 minutes to go viral, but believe our experts, it takes days to decode YouTube’s algorithm.

There’s no one to blame when someone’s appalling content hits the charts, and a good creator is left at the mercy of a few hundred views.

It’s all about who knows the secret to best use the platform. Even PewDiePie worked hard consistently to keep the audience entertained with his content.

Instead of thinking about who’s getting what and why, focus on understanding your audience because they are the key to success. You should know what they want and expect, deliver that content to them, and you’ll never have to search about how to get YouTube subscribers.

Deleting Old Videos Unnecessarily

The old videos are lowering your channel’s growth rate– whosoever told you this, stop believing this myth now.

Those rookie videos show your progress, so keep them as a testament to how far you have come. Deleting an old video means losing all of the views and watch time, which can seriously damage the metrics, further affecting your chances to monetize your YouTube channel.

You must know that your subscribers would actually love and get motivated by all the hard work you put into your videos. So, leave those there until or unless they contain something against YouTube’s guidelines.

Ignoring the Audio Quality

Imagine a fan running at full speed in the background or people chatting. Sounds annoying, isn’t it? This is the first tech upgrade you need because nobody likes to invest their precious time in a video with poor audio quality.

You’re allowed to get away with dodgy visuals and poor lighting, but not with the audio. It’ll take only seconds to make the viewers switch on to the next video, which presumably will not be yours.

So, invest in a good microphone that allows clear communication between you and the audience. Whether you host live sessions or record the videos, the voice shouldn’t break unless the viewer’s internet connection is slow.

Keeping a lot of Distance from Your Niche

You are passionate about multiple topics and do not abstain from steering the ship off the coast without a map. But always remember, you have a goal set for the channel. If you go too far from your topics, it won’t be late when your subscribers go from 1000 to 100.

Irrelevancy is not liked by anyone because there’s a reason why anyone subscribes to your channel. That connection is the niche you are known for. 

For example, if a travel vlogger suddenly becomes a cook and posts only about home-cooked meals, it’s like asking your audience to find the missing puzzle piece that doesn’t seem to exist.

A better approach here would be to break the monotony and post one or two videos slightly off the topic; however, it shouldn’t become a habit. In short, you should stick to one niche or keep it flexible. So, everyone knows your channel offers variety.

Posting Once in a Blue Moon

Not sticking to a strict schedule is the biggest hurdle keeping you from being a successful YouTube creator. You have found your niche, but now you are inconsistent.

The thing is, after a while, every creator needs a break. It helps in finding new hooks and boosts their creativity. Yet many creatives feel they need to post daily to be on the trending list, which is untrue.

So, jot it down somewhere– you can post anytime, Sunday or Friday. You only have to be consistent while doing so. It keeps your audience engaged, and they know when to expect a new video on your channel.

That’s why experts suggest keeping your schedules not too packed. Flexibility allows more room for new ideas to flourish, giving you ample time to focus and improve the quality of your content without staying off the radar for too long.

Forgetting You’re a Creator

This is a common challenge that many creators face. At first, they get tens of thousands of views, but suddenly, the count drops to a few hundred. If you’ve been asking yourself what’s the reason, just go through your account and check the last video on which you received massive views.

And while you’re digging through your channel, make sure you note down the dates because the reason is none other than an ultimate BREAK.

When you stay away from the YouTube world for too long, you risk losing subscribers and staying in cohort with the algorithm updates.

So, next time your short break extends to a year or two, make sure your comeback is excellent.

Imitating & Copying Other YouTubers

Imagine every creator posts on chocolates. The audience will uninstall YouTube without flinching even for a second.

Nobody likes scrolling through the same content. Plus, it’s the world of information overload where there’s too much content that everyone is just paying formal attention to posts and videos.

If you want to stand out, find a niche and a theme nobody else focuses on. It doesn’t mean you have to jump into the ocean for exploration. However, brainstorming and researching a little will do.

That’s All Creators!

Being a creator isn’t an easy task. However, having a set of things you shouldn’t be doing with your channel can make it much more manageable. Apart from these, you should also be aware of your audience and pay attention to their comments. It keeps them engaged, and you get a new idea for the next video.
In short, there are endless ways to grow your YouTube channel. You don’t even need to buy real YouTube subscribers. All you need to do is show up consistently, follow a niche, and stay updated.

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