From Zero to Hero: How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel

Some achievements are as gratifying as reaching one million subscribers on YouTube. People keep browsing the internet to get the perfect answer for getting views on youtube channels to grow subscribers. Watching your channel grow from zero to hero after years of recording and uploading is everything. It’s even better than getting your first genuine subscriber—someone who isn’t a robot or a sub4sub agent—to sign up.

YouTube Video Promotion

But what exactly is needed to raise your audience size and make the coveted gold YouTube plaque yours?

First, divide your million-subscriber goal into more manageable portions.

One million is an enormous figure. Break the number into small units, more manageable goals to achieve that many YouTube subscribers. You could, for instance, schedule your development as follows:

  • Get your foremost 100 YouTube followers as a start.
  • Bring in your first 1,000 people next.
  • Set a target of 10,000 after that.
  • From there, set your sights on 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, and more members.

Chunking it out in this manner will help you stay motivated and concentrated. You liberate yourself from unrealistic expectations by thinking, “I must achieve 1 million subscribers as quickly as possible,” instead.

Interesting methods to get 1 Million youtube followers:

Growing your YouTube subscriber base surprisingly follows an algorithm. One thing always stays the same, even though some creators use a variety of subjects to expand their audiences: you still need to captivate your audience, satisfy their needs for value, and encourage them to come back. If you follow these three steps, you can convert infrequent visitors into devoted subscribers.

Let’s see the concrete steps that will ease your trip from going zero to a million: 

  1. Discover Your Video Niche: Your channel requires a distinct niche, no matter what material you upload. Although it’s difficult to admit, if you frequently change the theme of your channel, viewers won’t subscribe. In truth, if you switch from lifestyle content to sports commentary to gardening to cryptocurrency, they might never come back. Where are the movies I subscribed to see? Subscribers will ask.
  2. Establish a channel with services that assist viewers in succeeding: The more you provide for your viewers, the more popular your YouTube channel becomes. However, thousands of individuals omit this crucial step. Therefore, when starting your channel, be brutally honest with yourself and ask what value your videos give to subscribers.

There is no proper or incorrect response to this query. Remember that you’ll need a reply to attract a million members. Instead of creating content for your enjoyment, address the audience’s concerns, such as extreme boredom or the need to purchase a single-family house on a limited budget. Everything depends on your niche and the difficulties individuals encounter. How can you assist in their success?

  1. Become a YouTube Pair Master: Video Title + Thumbnail: What if we informed you that viewers choose which videos to watch in less than three seconds? After witnessing that, how would you make your YouTube content stand out? This time, there is only one proper response. It would help if you had captivating YouTube thumbnails and moving video names to increase your subscriber count. Together, they are the lifeblood of your program and draw viewers even before you say a word.
  2. Include a YouTube Follow button on your videos: The simplest method to increase your subscriber count is to put a “Subscribe” watermark on all your videos. Viewers have the choice to subscribe when they click this button. Fairly basic, yes? All you need to do is submit the image to your channel’s branding area once you have decided on it as the subscribe button.

Adding that watermark to YouTube movies is as follows:

  • Click Customization in the left tab of YouTube Studio.
  • Near the top of the screen, select the Branding tab.
  • To access the Video Watermark area, scroll down. 
  • Choose when you want your image to show in your videos- at a custom timestamp, after your video, or throughout.

The specifications for YouTube watermarks are as follows:

  • image dimensions: 150 by 150
  • Nothing animated
  • images that are PNG, GIF, BMP, or JPEG (1MB or smaller)
  1. Promote Your Videos on YouTube’s Closing Screens: End screens increase YouTube views and draw in followers. Viewers can click on additional content from your channel on these interactive screens that show after videos. As a result, you encourage people to watch two videos and potentially three if the following video has an additional end screen.

As you suggest more articles, viewers start to appreciate the worth of your videos. That makes a strong argument for someone to subscribe to your program. The agreement is also sealed if you include a subscribe button on your end screens.

  1. To keep viewers on YouTube, be interactive: Create material that people want to watch if you want to grow your channel to 1 million subscribers. Although it’s more difficult said than done, you can achieve this by concentrating on one YouTube metric—audience retention.

For a clip to keep viewers watching, there are three critical “moments”:

  • How many individuals are still watching after the first 30 seconds of the introduction?
  • Do viewers remain or leave as you transition from scene to scene?
  • Are viewers engaging on your end screen and viewing additional content?

If your entire clip is entertaining, it doesn’t matter how long it is. Slowly increase your typical view duration to reach that goal. This percentage displays the specific viewing duration of a movie.

  1. Profit from popular Video topics: You should introduce your material to attract new subscribers. Make videos about the hot subjects in your niche after keeping up with the trends there. Your movie may do exceptionally well if you use high-volume, low-competition keywords. If that occurs, you might observe something similar in the YouTube Studio.
  2. Pivot the content: We have a confession that will change your YouTube journey eternally, so don’t be afraid to pivot your content. Your first 10,000 followers should be celebrated, but your next 100,000 won’t watch those videos. Additionally, videos that help you achieve 500,000 will get you to less than 1 million, but that’s alright.

On YouTube, users’ preferences shift over time. It would be best if you looked into new video concept ideas to gain new followers and keep your current ones. Even the queries like how to get ads on youtube help you enhance the views count.

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