A Quickstart Guide For Learning How To Get YouTube Views in 2023!

YouTube is said to be the second largest search engine, right after Google, making it an excellent opportunity for budding creators who want to make a mark out there. Let’s not forget that it isn’t the audience base only that’s large, but even the creators. For instance, in many countries with cheap internet, creators’ rise is just exponential, leading them to fight the views battle. That’s why it becomes essential for all the new creators to learn how to get YouTube views in 2023 the right way! 

How To Get YouTube Views in 2023 (The Right Way):

Out there, you’ll find a lot of guides claiming to teach you viral video link strategies and whatnot! Though, most of them are just ways to gain the attention of beginners who don’t know much about the YouTube algorithm and want to make it big. To ensure you don’t fall into the sea of wrong information, here we are with proven and right ways of getting views on YouTube. 

The Right Form of Content 

Hundreds of creators are rising daily on YouTube, and in such a competitive space, it becomes a challenge to make a mark for yourself. Letting your content speak for itself to stand out from the crowd will do the thing. The very essential or building block becomes the content that shall decide the future of a channel. 

Focus on creating the right form of high-quality and original content that would resonate with your dedicated audience. Spend time crafting your piece and understanding what your content is trying to imply: entertain or provide value. 

Make the Best Use of Resources 

YouTube isn’t about all the heavy gadgets and gear but rather about making the most of what you already have. Confused? Well, even though we were in the initial, we understood that’s what the game is all about. Yes, high-quality, well-shot, and well-edited videos go a long way, but if you are just beginning the game, you can even start with a simple smartphone camera. 

It’s all about starting off rather than just investing in high-quality equipment. If there’s power in your content, nobody can stop you from getting views on YouTube. In fact, you would have seen for yourself how a lot of viral videos aren’t that well shot, but it is the content that’s making them hit the rooftop. 

Attractive Thumbnails

In today’s day and age, where the average attention span is getting lower and lower, it becomes essential to create catchy thumbnails that instantly catch the attention of your audience. The thumbnail is literally the first impression of your YouTube video, and if you hook your audience right at that point, you have more or less tempted them to click on your video. 

It’s also important to realize the right way to create thumbnails. Many YouTube creators create misleading and fake thumbnails, which eventually leads to their audience base getting declined. The audience is like the treasure of your YouTube channel, and fooling them will only work to a certain extent. Keep that in mind, and you’re good to go!

Start With Collaborations 

Working with influential individuals in your field may help expand your reach and attract new viewers to your YouTube channel. Find prominent YouTubers or influencers whose viewers overlap with yours, and contact them about possible cooperation. 

Right from making conceptual videos to giving shout-outs, the sky’s the limit. By appealing to their existing following, you may get access to a whole new audience that would otherwise have no reason to check out your work.

Go For Video Advertising 

It’s true that nothing beats organic growth, but it won’t be wrong to push for video advertising. Start off by making a good number of videos, and once you have a good content base, along with the feeling that the videos will push up well, hit that paid promotion button! 

Remember that paid video advertising isn’t some miracle and will only work to the extent of your content quality. If you feel that you’ve given your best, and you are still not getting enough audience, then that’s where you opt for video advertising

Interact with the Audience To Start a Viral Video Link Chain 

Remember, the whole essence of your YouTube channel is not just to build a community but to sustain them properly. How do you do that? Well, simply by interacting with them every once in a while. YouTube is an environment wherein users interact with others in some form or the other, despite the fact that the site isn’t often thought of as a social network. As a creator, you have to use that and get the word going in your channel.

YouTube values any indicator of engagement from your channel’s audience. Simply interacting with those who subscribe may improve your relationship with them. It’s only a matter of a few seconds before you can drop a like on some comments and even pin to the top your favorite ones! 

Learn the Art of SEO 

Many people mistake SEO for just blogs and websites, but that’s far from the truth! Spend some time learning how to find and target the right keywords to boost the views on your videos organically. It’s true that SEO isn’t a major factor on YouTube in comparison to blogs and websites, but it still holds value.

There are various services out there, right from free to paid, that you can use to do keyword research. For starters, use the Google Keyword research tool to determine the relevant keywords for your channel and videos. Once you get hold of them, start naturally integrating them into your titles, description, hashtags, comments, etc.

Age of Cross-Promotion 

Through cross-promotion, you may bring your videos to the attention of viewers who would not have seen them on YouTube. You may get the word out about your full-length video on YouTube by posting teasers, snippets, or highlights on other platforms, such as Instagram. 

By using this method to pique your audience’s curiosity, you may be able to boost the amount of people who view your videos on YouTube. Why is cross-promotion so important? Simply because there are too many social media portals these days, and it becomes hard for an individual to stay updated on all. 

In Conclusion:

We hope you now have a good understanding of how to get YouTube views in 2023. This is an excellent quick start guide for novice Youtubers just beginning in the game. From here on, it’s all about experimentation and learning through your experience! Just remember to keep going, as it will be worth it after some time.

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