Some Of The Best Ways To Advertise YouTube Channel

The current situation where most of us are spending more than 6 hours a day watching videos, primarily on YouTube, it is important that you pay attention to your YouTube Channel marketing. YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the web and a YouTube Channel has great potential to earn you great profits.

If you want to make profits out of the binge-watching tendencies of the modern viewers, apart from uploading mass appealing videos, you also need to understand the right way to advertise youtube channel.

Of course, you have serious competition after video content leapfrogged all other content formats, establishing your brand is not that easy as it might appear at times.

In this post, we have curated a simple yet very effective guide for YouTube Channel advertising. You can use this guide to maximize your views and profits simultaneously. From beginners to pro, this guide is helpful for all categories of YouTubers who aim to achieve big numbers.

1- Google Ads promotion is the best

The Ad campaign run via Google Ads is an exemplary way to fetch more views and subscribers. It is easy to create ads using the platform. You can either place this ad that appears before the content starts or place it at the bottom of the YouTube page.
However, for the success of this strategy, you must have a clear understanding of your budget, and target audience. N matter what your budget is, you can make an ad for any said price and if need be, change the targeting and price of the ad anytime in the future.

2- Know your audience

Before you start to advertise the YouTube channel, make sure you have a clear identification of your desired audience. Targeting the right mass with your content approach is very important to ensure success in your ad campaign.

Here, you have to evaluate four main aspects:

· Who

Choosing a niche audience has always proven fruitful. You must be very specific about the demographics, language, and interests of the audience are very specific in assuring the promotion and success of any YouTube channel.

· What

This is the aspect that addresses what you feed to your audience. You must know the topics that your target audience is interested in. from relevance with the channel to contextual targeting, there are many elements to incorporate in this search.

· Where

The geographical location of your audience matters the most. Knowing the country, region, city or postcode is essential for marketing.

· When

You have the chance to control the frequency and broadcast of your advertisement, from deciding what to show to their frequency, you must ensure that the ads appear right in front of your target audience’s eye at the peak engagement time.

3- Make the most out of an ad format:

Choosing the right ad format is very crucial. The few distinctive formats you can choose include TrueView In-Stream, TrueView Discovery, Bumper Ads, and more.

4- The effectiveness of the ads:

You must know what type of ad you need to create. The ad must satisfy a range of aspects including:

· The ad must narrate your true story. TrueView ads are the best for this purpose.
· The first five seconds of the ad is the most crucial.
· Prepare the ads in multiple formats and apt for multiple devices.
· Add interactive elements to the content to boost engagement.
· Incorporate your most popular video in the ads and create the content around it.
· Call to action and directions to proceed both are very important. You must not only attract your audience but also guide your viewers to what next.
· The last 5-10 seconds of the ad is crucial. Make sure you send the most impressive call to action at this time.
· The title of your ad is very crucial to make the ad more clickable. You must create a title that piques the interest of your viewers.

5- Have a strategy:

After the ad creation, a strategy to market the ad is of great importance. If you want to expand your revenues, you must have a few clear goals, such as:

· Growing the viewer pool:

From expanding the viewer pool to finagling concentrating it on the target viewers only, Google Ads can help you create a unique channel watch time.

· Growing the subscribers:

Earning viewers is not enough and you must be focused on generating subscribers. You must pay attention to the viewers that are yet under the unsubscribed category.

· Focus on global reach expansion:

Know what part of the world has the most followers for you and then create and optimize ads to cater to the particular demographics.

· Promote Product Sales:

The ads you create can be a great aid in selling your products. Using relevant products in the ad is a great way to boost sales.

6- Launch and optimize

It is time to launch the ad and note the results. You must know that optimization is of great importance and it is the core element that keeps you moving forward. You must closely monitor a few aspects such as Impression, Views, View rate, Average CPV, and Earned Views while checking the progress of your ad campaign.

Advertising your YouTube channel is very important and this guide allows you to crack the deal.

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