How Can Nonprofits Use YouTube & Other Social Platforms To Increase Visibility & Donations?

During the COVID 19 crises, many nonprofit organizations had to face several financial burdens. Though this problem has not yet stopped; and they are still facing similar crises. Their ability to bring in volunteers and in-person fundraising events has been reduced. Such organizations depend on donations to survive, and during the pandemic, fundraising has become extremely difficult. According to The Salvation Army Report, the pandemic’s effects are suffocating nonprofits, and fundraising has gone down by 18% compared to previous years.

This is not just the case with Nonprofits here in the United States, but the situation is the same for all such organizations. They are facing soaring costs and a demand for help. However, one thing has helped such establishments during and even after strict pandemic conditions, i.e., “Social Media.” It acted as a ray of hope for businesses and nonprofits as it helped them achieve their fundraising and marketing goals. Undoubtedly, social media has become so powerful that one can utilize its power in a great way and taste the success without spending too much. Excellent reach and ease of use make them a popular choice. As people become more comfortable with their smartphones and other digital devices during the pandemic, it helped nonprofits fascinate audiences for engagement.

If you run such an establishment and look for ways to take advantage of social media opportunities to increase your nonprofit’s success, advertise YouTube channel, create a Facebook page, and do a lot more to provide exposure to your organization.

Benefits Social Media Marketing Provided To Nonprofit Organizations

Social media has been proving is an effective marketing tool for a nonprofit organization. Some key benefits that different social platforms offered (and still offering) to these establishments.

 It significantly increased the reach of nonprofits as billions of people use social media.
It spread the word about an organization and its goal.
It allows a user to post your messages, ideas or share other information for free.
It attracts new donors for them and also keeps existing donors engaged.
It also helps them in growing their network of volunteers.
They can include a link to the organization’s donation page in each social media posting.
Posting interactive content to social media will let their audience participate and feel more engaged.

Top Social Media Channels For Nonprofits

There are different social channels out there, but we have discussed the most popular ones used by nonprofits. These include:

YouTube: It has more than 2 billion active users. It is a top-rated online video-sharing platform. Many businesses, influencers, and nonprofits use YouTube to promote their products and services. Video content is indeed more expensive and time-consuming to create as compared to articles or images. But it cannot be denied that this type of content has the highest engagement among audiences. If you want to use YouTube for your nonprofit, you can set conventional yet straightforward ways to shoot content. You can do it from your home or office.

YouTube success schemes:

A YouTube channel is an important component of any social media marketing program. Your organization must have an established channel that is search engine optimized. You can also make money through your YouTube channel if it becomes popular. You can make videos on education and content to create awareness of several issues. It would prove beneficial to your nonprofit and help your brand visible on YouTube.

Create a Google Nonprofits account to raise funds through YouTube without letting your donors go outside sources. There are several features implemented on YouTube for nonprofits that can help them raise money, such as:

Fundraisers: It displays a donate button next to the video or Livestream.
Community Fundraisers: It is used when multiple YouTubers target the same cause to raise money on numerous channels.
Campaign matching: When other businesses or YouTubers show similar pledges during fundraisers or community fundraisers.
Super Chat: It is a popular form of advertising during fundraising and community fundraising. It allows users to pay to have their messages highlighted during a live chat with several contributors.
Furthermore, you can start YouTube ad campaigns for better reach. It is the quickest way to gain a response, especially if your organization is not very popular.

Facebook: Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. It is one of the popular social media platforms. Facebook success strategies include:

Use of short posts with CTA at the end.
Include hashtags on Facebook posts to popularize your nonprofit’s content and gain more followers.
Running ads on Facebook.
Share live events on Facebook.
Gather a Facebook survey to increase engagement and followers.

Social Media — Undoubtedly A Cost-Effective Strategy

A nonprofit organization can make the best use of social media to increase donations and improve its visibility. They have to employ comprehensive social media marketing strategies for better results successfully.

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