How to create killer YouTube Videos with AI tools?

The past year has been all about ChatGpt and how it can help creatives make content that sells. Whether it is headlines, scripts, or image descriptions, this tool lets you do it all easily.

But that’s not even the best part. It can help anybody, from experienced professionals to those who entered the world of influencer marketing, marketing, or starting their own business.

While ChatGpt is a free tool that can help you with everything related to text, it may not be so helpful for creating content for visual platforms like YouTube.

At this point, you may be wondering what other options you can try. Well, there are plenty, just like a plethora of techniques available to answer your– how to get ads on YouTube– question. So, keep reading!  

Generative AI is the Future.

Before we dive into which AI tools will help you create killer YouTube videos that make viewers CLICK on them, here’s a quick introduction to this trend.

Remember the recommendations Spotify sends you. Or Google Maps, which tells you which path has the least traffic? 

That’s the basic AI model that has been helping us daily.

Ever wondered what’s the difference between AI from a few years ago and now? Well, the present one is just more creative. It can combine data from multiple sources to generate a unique image, video, content, or pretty much anything from scratch. 

For example, you have seen AI-created images on Instagram. Let’s say pizza. The latest model of AI has the potential to understand, classify, and produce a new picture of delicious pizza. At first, you’ll be unable to guess if it is accurate.

That’s a benefit and also something to be careful about.

Is it risk-free?

Few of you must be cheerleading this innovation, but many doubt the repercussions. 

So, the answer to this question is pretty simple– it depends on how you use it. In other words, not using the power of generative AI tools is not even an option to consider. You’ll fall behind.

Using it may not be risk-free, but it can be a terrific, empowering, and supportive tool for your YouTube channel.

Harness AI’s Creative Revolution Now!

There are many arguments against the incorporation of AI. These all are not even 100% wrong. Artificial Intelligence may show us fake, biased, inaccurate information, surpassing current legal laws.

Let’s agree authorities need to catch up to the technology.

But that doesn’t mean you can not use it ethically. Creatives worldwide benefit from AI, as it’s a quick source of inspiration and a Pandora’s box of ideas. So, walking down an uncanny valley could be the right decision now.

What’s the next step?

Good question.

After knowing the good and bad parts, you must understand people are already using top AI tools. They’re no longer getting vague responses from the AI, as they have found the secret to using these tools effectively.

We suggest learning to use generative AI before you fall behind in the race.

Use These 5 AI Tools to Create Epic Videos for Your YouTube Channel

Of all the tools available today, picking one that can turn your videos from ordinary to extraordinary can be confusing. Plus, they all cater to different types of content. Like ChatGpt is best known for its content-creating potential, others may not have the same winning streak.

Finding which tool is suitable for your purpose is thus the key to unlock the treasure trove of generative AI.

Nonetheless, here are the tools that need to be on your list–

Jasper for Scripts

Writing captivating and engaging scripts is an art but not rocket science. Welcome, Jasper AI, your scriptwriting buddy. It analyzes data from unlimited sources to craft compelling and original narratives that keep your audience hooked.

Want a better solution? There’s none. Let Jasper brainstorm ideas with you, writing stories and dialogues, without running out of content ideas again.

DALL-E for Images

YouTube is a visual platform. No matter how good scripts you have, without an eye-catching picture, it’ll all be in vain. Even your subscribers want a glimpse of your vision. 

Does it mean you need to learn Canva or carry your cameras everywhere?


You only need DALL-E, the AI artist who can generate stunning images based on your descriptions. You can create thumbnails and illustrations, which will make your videos pop.

Jukebox for Music

Do you spend hours searching for the perfect music for your videos? Or keep worrying about copyright troubles?

You don’t have to anymore.

Install Jukebox now. This AI tool can compose original tracks for your videos that sound good and make your content authentic.

Vidsy for Video Production

Creating quality content is one thing; editing is another. Both processes are necessary, involving their own set of hurdles. Yet the last-minute finishes are the hardest. 

No matter how many hours it takes to add those effects, you can’t skip the editing process.

How about you use Vidsy? It can be your assistant, add effects you want and make your videos look more professional. In other words, it streamlines the entire process.

So, next time you are frowning about video editing, use the mantra– Lights, Camera, & …. Vidsy.

Vocode for Voiceovers

Narrating a story with a video on social media has become a trend. Don’t believe us? Take a minute and scroll your IG and YouTube feed. One out of every three videos will have voiceovers. 

You can also try this for your videos without worrying about losing your voice. For this, Vocode is the best medium. It considers your notes and generates voiceovers that sound nothing less than a human being.

Wrapping Up

That’s all YouTubers. Now you’re all set to grow your channel with quality content. You no longer need to stick to your screens and can leave the hassle to the abovementioned tools.

Isn’t it similar to shooting a video without doing anything yourself? Sounds funny; it’s the truth. 

Nevertheless, next time you search the internet for how to buy real YouTube subscribers, look for other tools that make your content creator’s job easy.

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