6 Powerful Ways to Make Money From Your YouTube Channel

Today, YouTube is not only a medium of entertainment for users and a platform to show the skills, art, and passion for creators, but it is more than these things. It is one of the most effective online platforms to make money, do business promotions, marketing, branding, advertising, etc. That means YouTube is above the entertainment, skills & arts showing, and passion. It has become the second-best online platform for money-making and business promotions.

Across the world, there are millions of creators who run their YouTube channels for different purposes. Some YouTubers run their channel to show their skills, art, and passion and some run it for business & organization promotion and community welfare. While on the other hand, there are so many such creators, that run YouTube channels only for making additional money. It is actually the best use of this versatile online platform.

Being a YouTuber, if you also think about making money from your YouTube channel then you are in the right place. We have prepared a complete guide for you. In this post, you will learn the six authentic ways to make money through your YouTube channel. This guide covers how to get ads on YouTube, channel membership, merchandise, super chat, brand deals, and YouTube premium.

Ways to Make Money From YouTube Channel

There are many outstanding ways to make money on YouTube. The above-mentioned ways are the primary money-making options for the creators. Being a channel owner on YouTube, if you want to earn money from your channel then you need to look for the best option for you out of the above-mentioned options. However, you cannot directly get started using these ways. For using these ways, you will have to have the approval of your channel from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Only then, you will be able to use money making ways on your channel.

Eligibility For YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

If you deeply want to know how to get ads on YouTube then you should apply for YPP. However, YouTube does not offer YPP approval to every creator but it only offers to those creators whose channels meet the eligibility criteria of YPP. To be eligible for YPP, your channel needs to have at least 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers. If it is not so then your request for the approval of YPP will be rejected. However, do not worry if your channel has quality video content. Regularly producing the quality video content and publishing on your channel is the key to meet the YPP eligibility criteria. Just focus on producing & publishing qualitative, interesting, relevant, informational, educating, entertaining, and audience-engaging video content on your channel as this is the way your channel can reach the maximum watching hours and subscribers.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are the most preferred and popular revenue generation way for all YouTube channels. Being a YouTuber, if you want to know how to get ads on YouTube then it is for you. Just read it carefully and apply the same on your channel.

For running ads on your YouTube channel, the approval of the YouTube Partner Program for your channel is a must. So, first, focus on this aspect and get approval as soon as possible. Once your channel gets approval from YPP, you can start monetizing your channel for running ads on your channel. Secondly, you must have a valid Google AdWord account as only through this you can set up and run ads on your channel. As per the current YouTube policies, you can get three types of ads on your channel including TrueView ads, Pre Roll ads, and Bumper ads. So, whatever you think best for your channel, just for that. You can also choose all three types of ads for your channel.

When setting up ads and campaigns for your channel, you should consider two things for maximum revenue generation. The first thing you should consider is to monetize all future uploads and turn on all ads format as default. This thing will surely help you to generate maximum revenues from your channel.

Channel Membership

Channel membership brought additional perks for creators as well as viewers. A YouTuber usually offers channel membership to provide exceptional content (Unique badges, new emojis, free downloadable content, etc.) to membership holders. If a viewer applies for a YouTube channel membership then he/she becomes dutiful to pay monthly recurring fees to the channel. This is how to channel membership features work. The downside of this feature is that it is available only for certain locations.


Merchandise is another powerful money-making way on YouTube. Using this way, you can link to approved merchandise websites and give proposals to offer your t-shirts and mug that complements your channel. Further, you can sell the merchandise to earn maximum revenues. However, for this, your channel needs to meet YouTube’s community guidelines.

Super Chat 

Most YouTubers are not aware of this supercool money-making way. This offers both fans and creators to chat live together. In super chat, fans buy super chat to highlight their messages in the live streaming and chatting. And this revenue directly goes to creators’ accounts like advertising money. However, this is another money-making feature that is only available for certain locations.

Brand Deals 

Brands are often excited to deal with creators on YouTube. If you have great content, great regular viewership, massive subscriptions, and a strong influence on your viewers then you can have a chance to deal with big brands. You can deal with them and introduce, unbox, review their products to make your viewers buy them. In this, creators often get a very handsome amount of money.

YouTube Premium 

YouTube offers premium membership to viewers. The audiences who buy YouTube premium get access to download videos to watch offline and play in the background. The premium fees collected from the audiences are distributed to creators based on watching hours. So, this is also another way of making money from your YouTube channel. However, for this, you need to attract maximum viewers to your channel. Only then you will be able to make money from YouTube premiums.

Now, you will not be bothered by asking how to get ads on YouTube and how to make money from YouTube channels. Just focus on providing quality content, attracting maximum viewers, building a brand, and then you will be able to take full advantage of these outstanding money making ways on YouTube.





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