How To Promote Your Gaming YouTube Channel?

If you are a YouTuber, then promotion is the most important, most vital, and most necessary part of your strategy. In fact, it is the hardest part as well. If you already have an audience somewhere else or any other platform, then it can be easy for you to bring your audience to your YouTube channel. But bringing audiences, views, and subscribers from scratch is the crux of the matter.

No matter how best quality videos you have created, how good the commentary audio quality of your video is, and how catchy is the intro, unfortunately, this isn’t enough anymore. There are thousands of channels that are doing exactly the same and focusing on marinating their quality to increase YouTube subscribers, but that’s not actually giving them what they expect. So, the gist of the story is, even if you make the best, most unique content for your YouTube channel, you still have to promote the heck out of it to attract an audience.

Here are some of the ways of promoting your YouTube gaming channel.

· Produce Regular Content: In order to stay relevant on YouTube, you need to produce the content for your gaming channel on a regular basis. If we consider the way the YouTube algorithm works you will become popular depending upon the amount of time people spend watching your gaming videos. So it is important that you must share high-engaging videos regularly like once in a week if you are a small channel. But as your channel grows it is a good deal to release 2-3 pieces of content in a week.

· Focus More On How To Engage the Audience: Gaming is a very interactive field and you can use the popularity of this niche. You will find your viewers trying to connect you through comments on your videos or through social channels. Respond to their comments on your channel and pay attention to their words.

· Use MCN: MCN or Multi-Channel-Network is a great way for YouTubers to gain access to helpful resources for growth and ad revenue. Joining a good network can actually help you a lot.

· Use Your YouTube Rights: Use Google AdWords and YouTube Red to post your gaming content and enjoy 100% of your own ad revenue through the ads.

· Get A Customized Channel Profile: When you go for an interview you dress up like you should be going for an interview. This is called a presentation. This is what you have to do with your gaming channel. Those who love games, they enjoy great-looking graphics. Make sure your channel has a nice expression and banner that goes well with your channel content.

· Consider Intros/Outros For Your Videos: Intros/outros are popular on YouTube. In general, intros should be short title cards and must include your name and imagery related to the video. Outros can last for 10-20 seconds after a video ends, plowing annotations for your other videos.

· SEO: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is God for YouTubers as well. For YouTubers, SEO means mostly about properly adding titles and tags on your videos. Make sure you include the name of the game, the type of content your video has, and other important information in your tags. These tags are the search terms that people will be using to search for on YouTube search box and find your videos.

· Select Your Niche: The niche in the gaming terms means focusing on a particular kind of content, or a particular genre/series of games. Niche channels may not have great fame like the major ones out there. But working in a small niche is beneficial for initial growth and partnership with other YouTubers within that niche.

· Consider Feedbacks Seriously: To improve your YouTube channel, you must listen to your audience. You can’t satisfy everyone, but you should consider their opinions and comment so that you can learn what the scope of improvement is and how should you improve. As mentioned earlier, listen to your audience says. They will normally praise or criticize your videos, and you need to pay attention to both of these forms of communication.

· Use Social Media For Your Gain: It is not possible in the gaming niche that you can make videos of everything that is going in the life of the creator. You have to reserve videos for important announcements or main content. For everything else put your social media outlets in your video description and inspire your subscribers to follow you up there on your social profiles. You can stay connected with your audience through these social channels. It is a great way to stay in touch with your audience.

· Consider Streaming: Streaming together with YouTube is a great way to nurture your gaming channel. You can use two types of streaming services for your gaming niche – Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Twitch is ideal for growing your following and revealing it to new viewers. On the other hand, YouTube Gaming is better for appealing to your current audience on YouTube. Either way is a great method to participate with your audience.

Follow the above suggestions and increase YouTube subscribers. You can also take the help of YouTube promotion experts who know the best ways to promote your YouTube channel or videos. They assure you to increase your video likes and views. They assure increased subscribers through paid ads and other strategical means.

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