Promote Your YouTube Channel Even Without Any Budget for Ads

Are you concerned about promoting your YouTube channel? Well! You are at the right place. Here you will get to know about the free and paid techniques and strategies that will certainly assist you to promote your YouTube Channel and get the massive organic and paid traffic.

Somewhere, to advertise YouTube Channel is a genuine concern for those YouTubers who do not have a budget for investing in costly Google ads and other social media ads. They are not aware of the ways that can help them to promote their YouTube channel. They are just indulged in the process of making videos and uploading it on YouTube. Hence, we tried to provide the right solutions to their concerns. We have listed down the possible paid and unpaid ways that can help to boost your YouTube Channel and reach the massive targeted crowd.

Unpaid Methods to Promote YouTube Channel

Let’s start with unpaid ways that can be effective to advertise YouTube Channel. Basically, this is nothing but a few tactics to note that can lead your YouTube channel to reach millions of viewers in a month. You just need to be sensible enough while preparing video content and editing & uploading videos on YouTube. Here your understanding and research work towards the audience matters a lot. You need to do a proper topic, title, and keyword research.

Title Must Relate to Your Topic

Do not try too much while giving titles to your videos. Just stick to the point and make it clear with simple words. It will be more effective instead of creating spicy and emotional titles. The spicy and emotional titles may do the job for you once to grab the audience’s attention but eventually, it ends up disappointing the audience. As a result, you will lose credibility and a permanent audience as well.

Hence, creating catchy and crisp titles is one of the major keys to promoting your YouTube videos and channel as well. You must do proper keywords research to find out what people search for more. For that, you can use a free keyword tool by Neil Patel or Keyword Finder or any paid tool. It will give you a proper idea about creating effective and Google & user-friendly titles for your videos. Try to engage the audience and also add keywords within the first few words of your title so that Google can easily recognize your video content.

Create Effective Thumbnails

It is obvious that thumbnails play a big role to attract the audience. Even we can say that it is worth more than titles as it strikes the mind of the audience at very first glance. So, make sure that your thumbnail is to the point otherwise it can affect your ranking. Do not use clickbait thumbnails, it can ruin your channel’s reputation but try to make eye-catching custom thumbnails. You can use your title or topic related keywords in your thumbnail. It will make your target audience understand the main content you are providing in your video.

Make it descriptive using the graphics, images, and text as it will be easy to understand for your audience. We all know that visuals are more understandable as compared to text and spoken words. Hence, thumbnails have been a major key to attract a huge audience for years as it is visual. You can also add your own image in thumbnail if your credibility and reputation among the audience is high.

Metadata and Description

Metadata and descriptions are like backing vocalists who are not highlighted but play an integral role by supporting the lead vocalists. You must not be lenient while writing metadata and descriptions for your YouTube videos as it is important as much as thumbnails and titles.

Optimize your description and metadata using Search Engine Optimize techniques and strategies. If you do not have proper knowledge about SEO techniques, you can search on YouTube itself and you will be able to find a number of qualitative and educational videos on how to optimize your YouTube Channel. Use relevant keywords and tags by frontloading in your description and metadata so that Google can easily crawl and promote your videos. Keep an eye on character limits, do not exceed the limit. You can also add a few links and hashtags in your description.

There are more ways that librate YouTubers to promote their YouTube channel without paying any amount on costly ads. For that, you can watch the YouTube educational videos uploaded by YouTube itself.

Paid Ways to Promote YouTube Channel

Certainly, if you are paying for something that will be more effective and fruitful as compared to free services. Hence, the paid ways to advertise YouTube channels are faster, more effective, and more fruitful than free services. If you want quick traffic on your YouTube channel than advertising your channels on different platforms is the best way. Let’s start with Google AdWords.

Google AdWords 

Undoubtedly, Google is the king of this information and technology era as it has access to a massive audience around the world. Almost, 90 percent of mobile users use in which the majority of people are from the United States. Google has massive reach and database of people from the world so using Google AdWords to advertise YouTube Channel is a great idea.

Firstly you need to have Google AdWords account to start advertising your channel in Google. Link your account to your YouTube channel which is necessary if you are desired to advertise your channel through Google. Complete all the formalities which are required for setting up your account then move forward to prepare your strategies.  

Start a new ad campaign by clicking on the new campaign then proceed forward as per your planning and strategies. For proper guidance, you can learn by watching credible YouTube videos about running a Google ad campaign. It will help you to avoid making mistakes. If you are a newbie to Google AdWords, it will certainly take time to get on the track. Keep your patience level high even if you get failures initially because ultimately you will learn the tactics which will help you further. Set your daily budget, it will be good to start with a $5 budget for daily advertisement.

Facebook & Other Social Media Ads

Well! The trend and craze have shifted to those social media platforms that allow users to make own videos and upload them online. They give an opportunity to get fame and name by increasing their followers. Those include TikTok, Vigo Video, Helo App, KWAI, Funimate, and others. But the thing is that Facebook is still the king of social media. We all are well-aware of the power of social media in the modern era. It has been dominating the youngsters, kids, and mature people as well for the last few years. Hence, Facebook ads and other social media ads can also be effective to promote your YouTube Channel.

For advertising on Facebook, you must have an account in Facebook Ads Manager. There are no charges for setting up a Facebook Ads Manager account. You just need to pay for running your ad campaigns via debit or credit card that allows international transactions.

Similar to Google AdWords, you need to set your daily budget according to the audience reach you want. Select your target audience and select the period as well you want to run your ads for. Be calculative and strategic, it will help to create and run a result-oriented ad campaign. You can also opt for other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, to promote and advertise your YouTube channel.

We hope that this information will help and guide you to promote and advertise your YouTube channel and you will be able to get massive traffic through these paid and unpaid ways. You must research and watch educational videos to find out other effective ways to promote your YouTube channel.   

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