Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Created your New YouTube Channel or not getting enough Subscribers? This might be the core reason you have landed on this article!!!

YouTube is one of the most preferred platforms for posting videos, content marketing, and Vlogging. A lot of more genre videos can be uploaded and seen daily. Creating a channel on YouTube seems to be an easy job, but increasing Subscribers is a tricky one. If you are new to YouTube, the first and foremost step is to Monetize your channel, for which you need 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of Watch Time.

Once meant for entertainment, the YouTube market has transformed into a race track. Growing numbers of YouTubers have redefined the ecosystem of this online video streaming platform. However, audiences/subscribers are still the men of the hour. The biggest challenge is how to get views on youtube or increase subscribers.

There are specific steps to keep in mind while creating content so you can increase your YouTube Subscribers. Let’s dive into each step to get a better idea:

  • Find your Niche: Think about your passion and area of interest that you want to continue with your channel and stick to it. Finalizing your Niche will make it easier for you to stand out and enjoy the work you do.
  • Do Your Research: This is the most crucial step as it will allow you to know about your competitors. Setting a bar for your content and focusing on finding a creative way to do it better than your competitors will push you towards your goals.
  • Keep Things Interesting and Engaging: You need to hold the audience’s attention at the beginning. This can be tricky but engaging your audience in the first few seconds is very crucial. What emotion will keep them hanging? How do you make them feel involved and connected? These questions should be addressed at the beginning.
  • SEO Strategies: Showing up in the search result is important for your YouTube channel to grow and increase subscribers. Your content should connect to the keywords for which you want to rank. Make sure to create your titles and tags properly. You can also use the YouTube video advertising technique.
  • Make your videos short: Different studies have proven that online viewers give only short-term attention, and also short videos tend to have a higher retention rate. The shorter a video is, the more chances it has that the viewer will stick until the end.

Keeping these points in your knowledge will give you an idea about increasing your YouTube Subscriber. In addition, Thumbnail tags also play a significant role.

If you want to survive in the market, consider the following tips to get views and enhance your subscribers:

  • Advertisement: View your videos or channel as a product. Plan the steps to sell it. You can do it through various online platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. Create a narrative around the product, give an attention-grabbing headline or caption along with a high-quality picture.
  • Script Your Videos: Don’t get high on your confidence. Always script your videos beforehand! This functions as risk management. It helps in a free flow of conversation or information eloquently and eliminates the risk of disengaging your audience.
  • Position Right Amount of Information: If you are wondering the right amount of information you should share with your audience, then it must be just a small portion of the video that can create an impact. It should not overwhelm or underwhelm the viewer. It should not be overloaded with details, and if you have more information on the subject, then create a separate video for it.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarising is the fastest way of losing your subscriber. A subscriber comes to your channel with the hope of finding new/original content. If you fail to provide them, you lose credibility and drop in the number of subscribers.
  • Quality of the Video: A subscriber will switch to other channels if the quality of your video is not up to the mark. The quality depends on the camera, editing, research, script (as mentioned above), and many more.
  • Stick to the Calendar: Inconsistency is a big “NO NO” in the field of YouTube. In a matter of time, you can lose tons of subscribers. That is why it is vital to schedule the release of your video. To do so, you need to come up with a calendar and stick to it without any fail.

There are so many things that you can easily control while others are out of your reach. Don’t worry; just go through the following instructions and make your channel grow. These steps will help you to stand out from the crowd of channels. Always generate an idea for your video. Don’t just go for anything random in the initial stage.

  • Discover what your audience likes to see on your channel.
  • Create likable videos as per the audience’s demand.
  • Choose two-three days for frequent posting of the videos. It would help in sustaining the regularity of your channel.
  • Optimize your YouTube videos and channel.
  • Try to engage with the audience by creating little giveaways, commenting on the videos, etc.
  • Promote your videos on your other social media platforms and build your community.

This information may help you grow slowly. But always remember that it will provide you 100% organic subscribers who are honest and active. Some people fall into the trap of getting fake subscribers, resulting from which YouTube may ban your channel for a long time. Every sphere of the career demands hard work and unique ideas to grow in your respective field. Get familiar with the algorithm of YouTube and catch the attention of the audience. Work on the engagement part of your videos and be a renowned YouTuber.

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